Saturday, September 20, 2014

Small AniRevo 2014 Pic Post

Hello guys! This is a super one month late post I'm doing of Anime Revolution, a convention that happened in my local city~ XD I should have posted it ages ago lol

I got the opportunity to meet RinRinDoll! She's such a pretty and nice girl! Her face and frame was SOOO small! I was extremely jealous lol

After visiting the booth so many times in two days I felt compelled to buy something from Angelic Pretty. I got a dress which was a pretty, simple dress that I could wear everyday and it was one of the more affordable items. XD I don't usually dress Lolita though I love their stuff but the gorgeous doll and rococo style one-pieces ranged between $500+ and it's something that I wouldn't wear out at all. It would be such a waste of money and I'd just stare at it in my closet lol.

I got this room print dress in a nice beige/brown color. It was around $290 CAD? Hella expensive but it's really pretty! XDDD And I also bought this cute Gloomy Bear that was like an UGG boot material <3 p="">

On the first day of AniRevo, I dressed up quite casually. I've never cosplayed before and obviously didn't have anything on-hand so I honestly picked up almost everything you see here at Forever21 and H&M. I didn't think it would be that easy lol but had a feeling the character's clothes would be at a similar store like that. I also didn't wanna spend so much money and the whole outfit was under $60 ^o^ If you haven't guessed yet, I am cosplaying as the female protagonist of the Pokemon XY games :) So NOT  Serena (the anime counterpart). Honestly I was surprised by how many people recognized what I was dressed up as. It was so casual I thought people would just think it's fashion. As I was standing waiting for the train however I had a guy ask me, "Are you the character from XY??" "Ye-yes..." "That's SO awesome!" 8D So many dudes asked for a pic with me and recognized the character, I was shocked lol. Really didn't think anyone would take my picture at all. That's when I realized how fun it is and I think I wanna get into seriously cosplaying now for the near future :P Now to get into shape... haha

Well that's all for this little post~ Thanks for passing by everyone XD Perhaps I should do more blog posts of makeup, lenses, how to, care for etc? You know useful stuff LOL instead of my life all the time m(_ _)m

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