Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cyperous Hair Wig Review

Hello readers! My wig from Cyperous came in about a week ago and after finally having some time, I'm going to post this little review of it. I bought from Cyperous once before a long time ago back in 2008 when they had the Ageha-style wigs. But sold it quickly after, because I felt like the shape didn't match my (then BIGGER cause I was a bit overweight) head. It looked fake too. Maybe because I bought a light blond color since the brown ones seem to look more natural on the models. But then again this IS synthetic hair not human hair so it's quite shiny at the top. Not as bad as some cheap fake wigs are if you know what I mean. Cyperous' wigs quality is quite nice but still synthetic. The same goes for this wig I bought which is the one below.