Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ghost of Harlem, Glavil, GLAD NEWS, Heaven and Earth

Just wanted to make a post of my recent biiiig shopping! XD Honestly this is probably my last one. I still have a few chokers on the way along with my giveaway items but I am done lol. I think I spent almost $500 on all of these.

The Ghost of Harlem and Glavil items here are new I bought from the Shibuya 109 webshop and GoH's official webshop. The latter was having a big sale for up to 80% most items so I had to get some stuff! I think they're just clearing out for the next season items. You can check it out here

And these extra items I got a set sale from Petit Egoist. I really wanted the d.i.a sets but they always sell out fast and sometimes are too expensive for me T.T

That's all for this post! x) Hopefully my items arrive soon and I can hold the giveaway ASAP!

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