Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Free Summer Giveaway!

Hello everyone and thank you for reading my blog! This is just a giveaway I'd like to do in appreciation. There's lots of accessories ranging from sweet, rock to onee-gyaru styles. What you will get in this package is the following:

- Jill Stuart Tote Bag
- 2x Blue Rhinestone Bracelets
- Black Bow Headband
- Crown Headband
- Rhinestone Earrings
- Red Lace Hairbow
- Pearl Cake Bracelet
- Lolita Lace Choker
- Purple Chanel (replica) Wristwatch
- Black Chain Necklace
- Too Faced Eyeshadow Primer
- Diamond Beauty Eyeshadow Cream/Primer
- Japanese Brand False Lashes
- Pink School Uniform Bow
- Pink Makeup Brush Set
- Mint Green Floral Dress

- Anyone is allowed to join this giveaway, worldwide! As long as you somehow advertise my giveaway somewhere online
- You MUST be a follower of this blog! (to follow, button is up in the left hand corner of the page)
- PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW with your name, email address, blog or website and the link(s) of where you advertise the giveaway
- Deadline to enter is August 20th. The draw will be held the following day

!! Want to up your chances and have extra entries?? For each additional place that you advertise my giveaway on counts as another entry. The more places you post it, the more entries you will get. Including other social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram etc. If you do advertise it on those seperate accounts, you must tell me which site(s) you posted it on and POST THE LINK IN YOUR COMMENT as proof!

Thank you and good luck! :3


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