Monday, July 14, 2014

Anime Expo 2014 pt. 3 (Final)

 With Phoebe

Last update of AX! This post will mainly just contain selfies of me and some of the girls I worked with lol. Had to take as much photos as I could on our last day and before the exhibition hall opened. You'll also see how much stuff I bought at the bottom XD

 With Sachiko

With Karen

With Swankiss designer, Saaya Hayashida!

With Kelly

With Aya and Olivia

With Olivia

And with adorable Kokokim designer, Kimura U! :)

So these are all the items I bought or got as a gift from Ghost of Harlem! I actually really liked the items from my own booth the most. It was the most affordable brand with lots of easy to wear items. My style is really flexible and I loved the stuff from Kokokim and Swankiss but they were more on the pricey side and Swankiss, you needed to buy multiple items to coordinate a good outfit. Some items here and there will be kind of hard to put together it my opinion. Not to mention I got the 50% discount XD so GoH was hella cheap!

The black top on the bottom I got as a gift from Akiko-san since it was the item I chose to wear as my uniform. The skirt is also free as a present on the last day. She said we can choose one clothing item and one accessory. I chose the long chain cross as my free item! She also kindly signed the Sakurina poster we got too (which was put up in the booth but when we cleaned up, she said we can have it and signed it for us T_T). So happy... I wanted the posters at Kokokim too and ask Kimura U to sign it, they were actually selling it though for $10 each. Not bad obviously, but my indecisiveness got to the better of me and not even when the public got in, those posters went FAST! People go crazy over at Kokokim, especially the Lolita girls. Just snatch it all up ASAP >D

I did get a couple of items over at Kokokim though starting the second day. I should have just bought stuff on the first day because so many items I wanted were gone. I cheaped out and wanted to wait for the prices to lower. Most girls bought it all on the first day as regular priced though =_= Well that's my loss. I did noticed that the prices were still a bit high but definitely A LOT cheaper than what it was put up as on YesStyle. Like the dress I got below was maybe $150-$200?? And at the booth it was only $113. On top of that I got 30% off because of the dress sale! Even the skirt I got half off at around $40-$50. The hair bow is $17.

They originally didn't have shoes for sale but after the fashion show, they decided to sell the extra items that were used in the show. Including these heels I got. It was only worn once for the runway so I didn't care, it was cute! XDD Only for $100! Originally around $120 I believe. And they only had two pairs so I wasn't going to lose out this time lol. I wanted the sneakers but Aya got to them first orz. She is their worker after all XD

Yes, I really love mint green haha~

I posted a lot of my stuff on Twitter and got some responses T_T Super happy you have no idea lol

Ghost of Harlem re-tweeted two of my pictures and Akiko-san gave me a farewell message

Kimura U replied to my huge purchase of her items


Melody Yoko replied to and faved the pic of us!


And Yumi Oogawa favorited our pic

All I can say is that I'm a lucky, lucky gal. I was so sad I missed AX last year because I went to Asia, but being able to go there this year was the greatest experience and I'm glad to have met everyone. I'm so thankful~ This has been one of the best times of my life! I feel so blessed to be a gaijin gyaru and have such great friends all around the world. Thank you to the Cali girls, I love them so much! I'm only like a two hour flight away from them but I really wish I lived in Cali x) It's because of them that I get to have this opportunity. They've helped me make more new friends and connections every time. I feel like I can connect with everyone the most as I do not have any gyaru friends where I am. Always looking forward to visiting them every summer! :D Thank you! I hope to join AX again next year and work with any brand coming our way in the west coast!

Thank you for reading guys! I'm glad you're so patient with me. I will try to blog more often, or at least post pictures lol I also decided to be more active on my Instagram too if you want to follow me there. On that note, I am deciding to hold a giveaway soon in the upcoming weeks as an appreciation towards you all. :) Please look out for it!

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