Friday, July 11, 2014

Anime Expo 2014 pt. 2

With Wynter, Michi and Hitomi (who is such a funny gal! Glad to have met you!)

This is the outfit I wore the second day of AX! It was the 4th of July so I wore my American flag jean shorts XD (which couldn't really be seen anyways lol)

The pink outer shawl I actually bought from my own booth and Akiko-san was so kind as to give me 50% off everything I got T____T Ghost of Harlem staff get 50% in general I found out after. And the clothing that we chose to wear on the first day as uniforms are free as a present from her. She is just way too nice/precious I was just crying inside lol I kept asking "Eh? Maji? ii no??" Could not believe it.

The other booths didn't give the gals any employee discounts at all :( I thought we would get something like a 10% standard at least but I was blown away when Akiko-san gave me 50%. The other girls had no discount and some had to return the clothes they borrowed! Even after they wore it for 4 days!! I didn't think it was fair at all but I'm also thankful my brand was so flexible. I mean eventually on the last days, all brands clothes do go on sale for up to 50% off anyway so that's good, but by that time a lot of the merchandise were already sold out so...

Here's Melody doing some more interviews for Kawaii.i International~ Even though the booth was right behind us, I didn't get to see much of what was happening since we got so busy at times. Either that or I was too busy side shopping and asking girls to put stuff on hold for me LOL!

 This is my first paparazzi shot of Kimura U! She's seriously the pretties and cutest being ever. She did not look real LOL! There was no imperfections about her. Her face was literally so adorable with flawless skin and youth it was literally glowing! I want to know her secrets!! =^= On top of that she keeps her age a secret to remain youthful too. Makes me so curious XD When she first appeared it got really busy as she's quite popular among Harajuku and Lolita fashion girls. There was a big queue just to take pics with her and get an autograph. I waited until that was all over or until work was done to take selfies with her XD *feels lucky*

Met up with this beautiful girl again! Tricia! She had just finished the fashion show (which I missed and didn't go to unfortunately). I felt like there wouldn't be anymore seats anyways since it was already an hour into the show till I finally had a break. Decided to go around the exhibit hall to shop instead hahaha~

Ghost of Harlem shop staff! (and styled gals x)) Of course I had to make such a hunched back pose... =_=

Us with Saaya Hayashida and Sachiko over at Swankiss booth

And this is what I wore on the third day (of course I shopped for even more stuff at my booth @_@) I didn't start work till 12pm so had tons of time to actually sleep in and do my hair! So I finally looked good for once LOL. Waking up at like 6am and spending so much time perfecting makeup that there's absolutely NO time for me to style my hair at all so I just left it straight and stuck a headband on or something. Straight hair seems to make my face seem "puffier" and just plain overall... Even when I have heavy gyaru makeup on, it just doesn't seem completely without the do!

I was able to meet and work alongside Yumi Oowada and Akane Satomi! They are both Happie Nuts models and promoting for Ghost of Harlem. Akane-chan actually is the model on most of the web shops whereas Sakurina-chan is the face model. Akane-chan was a really energetic and funny gal! On the first day, she thought me and Phoebe were Japanese until somebody told her we weren't. She was so shocked, "Ehhh?? Nihonjin janai?" And she pointed to us saying, "You're Japanese gyaru!" XD I was so happy lol.

Yumi was so pretty too! She was definitely more soft spoken compared to her hyper friend lol. They both didn't really wear a lot of makeup or do their hair the whole time but they're both so slender and exude this model/runway aura about them 8DD if you know what I mean. They both thought my iphone case of a deco Hello Kitty was cute and asked if I like deco. I told them I love it and showed them my nails and they were both impressed that I did them myself. I told them I just tried to copy Sakurina-chan's nails. Akane-chan asked if I liked Sakurina-chan and I said I loved her XD One of my idols.

Here's some shots of my booth's merchandise on the last day! Items went on a 10%-40% discount!

Swankiss also went on a 50% off everything sale!


I also want to thank two girls out there who read my blog and recognized me at AX! :) I was very happy to able to meet my readers. I'm sorry I didn't get your names or photos with you because my shop got so busy all of a sudden @_@ but I appreciate that you read my blog, even when I hardly update Dx I got so confused at first when a stranger asked if I was Kathy or had a site LOL Like, "Hi! Yes, do I know you?" XDDD Very grateful. I honestly felt like a celebrity for 30 seconds hahaha~ please do leave a comment sometime! :D

To be continued...

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