Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Anime Expo 2014 pt. 1

Hello everyone! \(^▽^)/ Now that I'm fully rested and back in Canada, I'm here to blog about my latest experience working at Anime Expo! This will be broken into 2-3 posts because it's picture heavy XD

Pic by Lisha

Ok! So I went down to LA (which I try to visit yearly and hang out with the girls) and was working as a sales booth girl. My brand was Ghost of Harlem! I had that coming lol it is more my style and I was kinda expecting to get it (does make it easier to go through my closet), but at the same time I've been loading up on pastel cute clothing so I thought I could get Kokokim or Swankiss too. I had a crap ton of Golds Infinity clothing too but more of their old style. Right now they're a bit too toned down :( Honestly I prefer GoH any day. The staff was literally the most nicest and fun to work with.

Me and Nino

My outfit for day 1 and rock-style nails

There was Akiko-san, the designer of GoH, Ogura-san and Akito-san (the CEO). Akito-san worked with us the most and was very caring. He would always tell us to sit down or go eat lunch and not to push ourselves lol I just felt bad for sitting so I kept standing up even though my feet were dying. The other booths, I felt SO bad for the girls because they weren't allowed to sit down at all! (except for Kokokim which was also a bit flexible). I offered my chair to the Swankiss girls since we had like 3 extra ones but their policy was to promote and follow the customers around so they couldn't sit X_x Felt so bad... Probably because Golds Infinity and Swankiss' sales weren't doing so great the first day...

Lisha and Rei working for Golds Infinity

Swankiss And Ghost of Harlem girls

It was so much fun working for my booth! I felt like I was actually a worker in 109 XD Since I talked to them in my VERY limited Japanese because no one could speak English. We were having like, really simple short conversations in Japanese. They only understood really basic English and everything else was pretty much hand signals LOL! Phoebe, another Canadian gal that I worked with is able to speak a bit more Japanese so she helped kind of get some messages across.

The other girl that we worked with was Wynter and she looked so cute! Her body/anatomy was to die for, I was so jealous lol XDD She's like super slim but curvy at the same time. And she had a really exotic look~

Here are some shots of our booths and all the goodies before everyone raided it on the first day lol

The Kawaii.i International booth behind us...

Kokokim's booth! So many of the accessories were gone on the first day. Sucks because those were the ones I was eye-ing the most Dx

Our Ghost of Harlem booth!



This cute Lolita girl that kept browsing our shops. She was sooo cute and came back frequently lol thank you!

Me with Akiko-san! The designer for Ghost of Harlem. She was unbelievably generous, nice and pretty

Kawaii.i International came to our booth to film her and ask her questions about the brand with Melody Yoko as the host. This is so embarrassing but I asked to take a pic with her and Wynter was the one using my camera to take it and none of the photos came out!! XD But the cameraman was filming us having our pics so if that shot ever goes up on the future episode I'm gonna screen cap it LOL! This problem happened twice, with Kimura U and Saaya-san. For some reason no one could use my camera! =_= Even Nino who took like 8 shots, none came out because everyone didn't press the button hard enough. It was soo embarrassing having to ask them all for pics again right after so I did it but asked someone else to be in the pic with us just so it didn't make me seem so fanatic hahahaha

Kimura U and Saaya I was able to get more photos and selfies (since it's better than I take the pic instead apparently XD) because we worked together all 4 days. But Melody was only here occasionally so it felt weird asking her again in such a short time. She was SUPER sweet however! I love her, she's so down to earth! And she's originally from Cali so talking to her was really casual compared to the Japanese designers where it felt like you had to be formal with them because of the culture differences. Although they probably don't mind informality since all the girls were so kind! I just felt so shy around Kimura U cuz she had this aura about her lol :P

I covered my face with a heart because it looked derpy lol. The one pic where I asked to take again and I failed Dx Melody's so pretty! Even with minimal makeup and simple styling~ We were working and she came over to say "hi" and I was so shocked and did a double take XD So happy she tweeted me too T^T

To be continued...

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