Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Queen Elsa Look - Gyaru Style

Hello everyone! I'm slowly but surely changing my blog up a bit and updating (somewhat XD). I'd like to post this look I did originally for GalVIP but we're completely renovating the magazine so it won't be posted. Didn't want to let this go to waste cuz I absolutely loved the outcome of this look!

I followed this makeup tutorial cuz I thought it was the most accurate for Elsa's eyes compared to others I've seen; and the results were awesome! This is the first time I tried doing more than just "simple" gyaru makeup. Meaning not just toned down makeup or super dramatic tsuyome-style eyes that involves a ton of lashes/eyeliner but actually playing around with colors. I felt like I was never really good at blending or matching up eyeshadow so I never bought any or if I did, it came with a package and I never even touched it lol. But for the past month or so, that's pretty much all I've been spending money on at Sephora XD Lots of shadow palettes~


You can get this look too by following this video above! I actually bought most of the products she used, if not something similar and more affordable but you can mimic it with the same colors of course! I just didn't have that luck. I tried getting the cheap department store brand purple eyeshadow like Annabelle, Covergirl and stuff like that but the colors never really showed up well :/ So I went ahead and bought the same Ammo Palette from Urban Decay and am TOTALLY in love with it. The colors are so pigmented~ I'm in love with the whole brand now lol cuz I only bought few things from them before, but I do still prefer Too Faced ^_^

 Here are some closeup shots~ Also if you haven't tried it, I highly recommend the gel liquid liner that was used in the video. OMG 8D I've only been using pencil or liquid liner up till now and I can't go back after using gel liner. You just have to carry an extra pointed brush is all. The one I bought is from NYX so it's more affordable than Makeup Forever.



Thanks for reading everyone~ I'll try to get more postings soon although I'm working full-time now =_= Ps. Is anyone going to AX this year in Cali? I'm hopefully going down there to work as a booth salesperson for the Shibuya brands and MAYBE be a part of the fashion show. You can see more about it here and please do feel free to apply to be a model too! They seem to be searching out more applicants. Don't worry if you don't entirely meet the requirements because it is a bit flexible :) See ya!

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