Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pastel & Floral Love!

This big haul of clothes I gathered up since April XD I am so ready for summer, are you?? Recently got back into Liz Lisa clothes and anything sweet-like. It's just perfect for the daytime. Not to mention I love, love anything pastel colors. Particularly my fave color, mint green. Seriously the things I own in my wardrobe or room in general is mint green :P

Man I miss my blond hair T^T, this was taken about a month ago. I now have dark brown hair just cause the roots were coming out and I had no money to redo it and the fact that my hair can't handle bleach anymore ^^;; These are all extensions. My hair is actually just past shoulder length cuz for the last major bleach maybe around winter time... It literally fell out. Like big chunks O.o Lol so I went to the salon to do it the next time and nothing fell out but it's been gradually growing weaker so I had to get a trim and am using a bunch of products to keep it healthy.

Dark hair is more manageable for sure than blond, but every time I see girls at the mall with silver hair or pastel colors I have a huge urge to bleach! Dx I'm scared my hair will get even shorter! Anyone know any secret ways to make it grow faster? lol I swear it grows a millimeter a month. I'm so sick of my short and brown hairdo.


Queen Elsa Look - Gyaru Style

Hello everyone! I'm slowly but surely changing my blog up a bit and updating (somewhat XD). I'd like to post this look I did originally for GalVIP but we're completely renovating the magazine so it won't be posted. Didn't want to let this go to waste cuz I absolutely loved the outcome of this look!

I followed this makeup tutorial cuz I thought it was the most accurate for Elsa's eyes compared to others I've seen; and the results were awesome! This is the first time I tried doing more than just "simple" gyaru makeup. Meaning not just toned down makeup or super dramatic tsuyome-style eyes that involves a ton of lashes/eyeliner but actually playing around with colors. I felt like I was never really good at blending or matching up eyeshadow so I never bought any or if I did, it came with a package and I never even touched it lol. But for the past month or so, that's pretty much all I've been spending money on at Sephora XD Lots of shadow palettes~


You can get this look too by following this video above! I actually bought most of the products she used, if not something similar and more affordable but you can mimic it with the same colors of course! I just didn't have that luck. I tried getting the cheap department store brand purple eyeshadow like Annabelle, Covergirl and stuff like that but the colors never really showed up well :/ So I went ahead and bought the same Ammo Palette from Urban Decay and am TOTALLY in love with it. The colors are so pigmented~ I'm in love with the whole brand now lol cuz I only bought few things from them before, but I do still prefer Too Faced ^_^

 Here are some closeup shots~ Also if you haven't tried it, I highly recommend the gel liquid liner that was used in the video. OMG 8D I've only been using pencil or liquid liner up till now and I can't go back after using gel liner. You just have to carry an extra pointed brush is all. The one I bought is from NYX so it's more affordable than Makeup Forever.



Thanks for reading everyone~ I'll try to get more postings soon although I'm working full-time now =_= Ps. Is anyone going to AX this year in Cali? I'm hopefully going down there to work as a booth salesperson for the Shibuya brands and MAYBE be a part of the fashion show. You can see more about it here and please do feel free to apply to be a model too! They seem to be searching out more applicants. Don't worry if you don't entirely meet the requirements because it is a bit flexible :) See ya!