Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lace Petite ~ Lolita/Gyaru-Inspired Lingerie For Smaller Girls


I just got my lingerie set order in from Lace Petite~ A brand new online store that just opened last month. I discovered it on a friend's Facebook post and just had to buy this set! It's called, "Romantic Blue Rose". Currently it's out of stock but they will be restocking soon along with the green version.

Lace Petite specifically targets girls that have smaller sized breasts between A-C cup. Their slogan is, "Who says petite girls can't be cute and sexy? We provide affordable, fashionable, cute and sexy lingerie to smaller chested girls!"

Which is perfect for me, not being all that big either. They have the cutest lingerie sets that are Lolita and gyaru-inspired. Some of them look like similar designs to Aimerfeel and Ravijour, without the price. Sets range from $20-$40. The girl running the site is very kind and communicative~ My parcel arrived quite quickly and she always kept me with the updates. Anyone living in the States will get free shipping :)

I definitely recommend this website if you're looking for cute underwear and I will probably continue to support her new business. Check out the pics below for some other designs!