Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Vietnam & Thailand Summer 2013

Hello everyone! Before you kill me because yes I know I haven't updated in 3 months ^^;; I've had a busy summer vacation. Came back last month and now I can finally come around to briefing about it. Some of you from FB know that I went back to Vietnam to visit family for a month and from there we went to Thailand as well as Singapore. Here are just some pics of my endeavors!

Holding this tiger and feeding him was SO nurturing. I wanted to keep him XD


These gorgeous women were all once MEN! Can you believe?? I couldn't believe how beautiful they were. It's no wonder guys go to Thailand =_=;;

This wonderful island we took a little boat to get to near Pattaya. Called Coral Island I think. Thailand's beaches just beat the Caribbean and Mexico by a long shot. SO clean and clear!

Vietnam and Thailand was always filled with crocodiles. There's not one place where they had hundreds in a park~

These are cute little lizards that live in homes here. I found these two snuggling in my house XD Ok so maybe they were reproducing... They were SO fun to catch lol It's so boring in Nam, that's pretty much one of the only things you find yourself doing.

And that's all for this mini post~ I'll post about Singapore right after this! Which is more filled with gyaru goodies (being a more modern city). Just saying you can't find like any Japanese beauty or clothing products in Vietnam or Thailand. In the latter there are some of course in Bangkok as they have huge malls but it's just basic stuff like Palty. Or Kanebo items. I managed to get some lashes called Queen? Which is almost Luminous to Daiso quality but still not bad. I've tried the Watson's stores there (which is like a pharmacy-type place that sells A LOT of Asian beauty products) but they didn't have much. Maybe a small Canmake section and that's it. They had more Chinese beauty products. But maybe it's because I didn't go to ALL the malls.