Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Golds Infinity Style & LOTS of Clothing/Cosmetics Shopping

I FINALLY DID A STYLE POST! XD Although it was a half body shot and not full body but still... Lol I tried. I went out down to Metrotown by myself a had the best relaxing day. Haven't done this in so long. I initially went there to face trade some items I bought online, which was three Golds Infinity one-pieces and to sell my Liz Lisa skirt. The top I'm wearing was bought last time in my previous post! These are all my very first Golds clothing items and I love them ^-^ (Pretty much giving up on my Liz Lisa styles now >.>)


Last time I went to the T&T Supermarket, maybe half a year ago? They had built a new cosmetics section with SO much more Japanese stuff. I was impressed. But it wasn't A LOT of make-up. Lots of hair and skincare items though. Make-up they mainly stuck to Dolly Wink, this cartoon Princess brand, Hello Kitty etc. Just some lower department store brands. And decent variety of lashes. Many of Dolly Wink but they're marked up to $25 a pair as per usual =_=

But now they have a whole Diamond Beauty section! AND IT'S SO AFFORDABLE! They've got in Anmiel, Majolica Majorca, Shiseido,  some Sakurina items... I was so happy they finally got more in and I think they'll continue to do so in the future. I bought this Diamond Puff for only $19.99! That's pretty much same lowest price you can get online like Ebay. Anmiel pencil eyeliner was same price, just a couple of bucks markup. Nothing dramatic. There are some products that are SUPER marked up but you just have to know your prices and you're fine. So much more convenient now than ordering online all the time. I think they try to keep the prices low since it's a supermarket opposed to the independent Asian cosmetic shops here that mark everything up like crazy.

I went to Sephora and got this nice YSL lipstick too which I've been eyeing for awhile. This is their new shiny series. For some reason, everywhere I went from NEW YORK to around here (even Washington), their older collection (which is the same as this lipstick I bought, just "non-shiny"), they were all gone. Literally every location I went to, it was all cleared out so maybe they were doing some long time inventory or something. >_< But now they're back. Not completely. It still seemed sold out... So screw it. I went with the newer series cuz they're full in stock.

My Golds one-pieces from the seller! And I got a d.i.a top and maxi dress from Mbok recently. Expensive as hell after all the service fees but well worth it.

All of my hauling combined XD Tooooo much shopping. Felt good with no regrets but now my bank is crying. T~T