Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Golds Infinity Style & LOTS of Clothing/Cosmetics Shopping

I FINALLY DID A STYLE POST! XD Although it was a half body shot and not full body but still... Lol I tried. I went out down to Metrotown by myself a had the best relaxing day. Haven't done this in so long. I initially went there to face trade some items I bought online, which was three Golds Infinity one-pieces and to sell my Liz Lisa skirt. The top I'm wearing was bought last time in my previous post! These are all my very first Golds clothing items and I love them ^-^ (Pretty much giving up on my Liz Lisa styles now >.>)


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Anime Girl? Mori Gyaru? Game of Thrones Character?

A quick outfit I put together with a dress I bought at Sirens. It's really ruffled at the top and made me look fat so my bf hated it XD So I just twisted it together with a flower pin and turned it into a mori gyaru outfit. OR some medieval Game of Thrones type of dress lol which is kind of where I got the inspiration from (along with the hairstyle).

One of the more simple looks with natural makeup! I'm not even wearing lenses here (I need to buy more anyways, mine are all expired). And yup my hair is pink! I recently got bored and dyed the bottom blonde to make an ombre fade-out from brown to blonde. But I like colors so I turned the blonde into a rose pink ^-^ It faded within a few showers though =3=


Here are two Golds Infinity tops I just bought! I have like, three more one-pieces coming and two from d.i.a after doing some shopping on Mbok. Dx Oh God, my bank account... I swear it's such a bad habit of spending money every time I FINALLY hit a high number in my account or get a really big paycheck and decide it's "ok" to spend a "little". Haven't seen this much money in my bank for a long time since I've been frugal and haven't shopped in months then woops. More than half gone after getting too excited *sigh*

Has anyone been getting into working out lately? :) Now that it's summer? I've been doing the 30 day ab and butt challenges and 2 weeks in, I'm already seeing amazing progress! Paired with eating right of course! It feels nice to finally motivate myself to get off my ass and losing some weight x) Gotta get a decent bikini body when I go back to Vietnam and probably Thailand as well as Vegas!