Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Back to Brunette - Happie Nuts Style


I am so sick of my roots growing out like crazy every couple of weeks and I try to do them myself but now it's just so multicolored Dx Screw it. I'm going back brown until summer! Time to give my hair a break anyways lol Will be onee/tsuyome styled for awhile with this new do. I just used a cheap store bought hair dye called Vidal Sassoon in LIGHT BROWN #6

Because my hair was already really light to begin with, it turned out to be a really nice light ash brown or dark ash blond. I should've gotten two bottles but only had one so my hair was somewhat uneven. But I tried covering as much as possible and it ended up looking like... highlights/ombre in some areas XD not terribly noticeable.


Here's a closeup of my eye makeup in natural and warm lighting. Sorry for the lack of style photos lately everyone :( I know all these are mainly camera whoring my face so next time I will try to do more coordinates. I've been getting lazy on my clothing style cuz I haven't been going out as much to wear them. Only working or the usual errand running. Therefore I got used to wearing yoga pants and leggings 24/7. I'm always dressed in my casual sportswear fashion (ie. Bench, Hurley, Billabong, Quicksilver) which is cute too but not so much fancy anymore.

Gained a lot of weight too so I haven't been as confident in photographing my body. T_T Gotta get myself together before summer vacation. I need a workout buddy to keep me in check =_=
It's just so hard to get back into exercising regularly and eating healthy don't you think?