Thursday, March 28, 2013

New York 2013 Spring Trip


Hey readers! Just came back from my short trip to New York and updating a little post of it~ I went there to visit my old friend Mimi from high school (although I shouldn't have been doing this in the first place cuz I'm so broke n.n). It was a nice solo vacation for myself though.

We were laughing about how my eyes are like three times the size of hers in this pic XDD

FOOOOD! This hamburger steak with rice was SO good! It was my first time having Japanese/Korean food like this. I only ever wanted it from the tv shows I watched. She took me around Flushing which was like another kind of Chinatown I guess? I had a lot of cheap Asian restaurants and merchandise.


I ended up buying lashes for a total of $80! So cheap! (I could get it a bit less online but I hate waiting). I couldn't believe I found Brigitte brand too for only $17.99 each. They even had some of the makeup and cheap BB creams. A lot of variety actually, all can be found cheap at the pharmacy type stores. The makeup, beauty stores sells them for a couple bucks more. I love the States for that cuz you guys sell Japanese cosmetics at affordable prices. Here in Canada, each lash package ranges from $30+ $20-$25 if you're lucky for the crappy brands. I couldn't find any Diamond Lash though unfortunately~

Went to Times Square for some pictures! I didn't go back at night because honestly I'm not THAT interested in tourist sights in the east coast ^^;; It was just buildings to me... The whole New York vibe felt a lot like Vancouver so it was pretty much like going back home lol I really only liked the shopping and that was all I did. I didn't go to any tourist type places like Statue of Liberty, Empire State building etc. Didn't wanna have to pay the extra money if I'm not going to really enjoy it right? They'll still be there years from now. *shrugs* I'm more of the west coast kind of girl with the warm temperatures, amusement parks, beaches... And that side is where my western fashion IS. ie. Billabong, Hurley, Quicksilver, recreational sport type stuff. It was kind of hard finding those brands in New York... Especially for women. It was mainly for guys. On this side, it's more of "high fashion" obviously. Which I can't afford unless my mom is with me XD That's why I barely ended up buying anything for myself other than the Asian makeup. I only got some items at the huge Victoria Secret shop. I did have a good time bargain shopping at Macy's and Century 21 for my bf cuz they have amazing deals and variety for men's items =_=

My NG face XD This was an awesome Japanese bar we went too. The whole place is so perverse. I mean they have pictures of women tied up having sex with octopuses! You know that tentacle fetish! 8D I had some good tonkatsu, fries and was forced to drink a whole bottle of sake by myself cuz Mimi wouldn't help me -.-* Needless to say I was drunk... I loved that bar though, it felt like an authentic Japanese bar that you would find over there. The atmosphere was fun!

Sushi is SO EXPENSIVE here. I dunno why lol I'm used to being on the Pacific Ocean where we catch salmon like it's nothing so sushi is already considered an expensive type of food but in NY it was double the price! And it didn't seem AS fresh. We have all you can eats here at about $10.95-12.95 for lunch and here it was $25??? That's like the price for dinner not lunch @_@ I ended up getting a stomach flu on the last day from some bad sushi I ate at a place where I found the prices cheap like home. Guess I should've paid the extra money...

And then we went to Soho for more shopping XD That was pretty much ALL I did the three days I was there lol Screw touring. Surprisingly I only spent about $300 on merchandise opposed to the $600 I spent in Cali (still dunno how that happened...) And up to maybe $150 in food? Not bad. But now after this last trip of the year I'm done. Well trip that I pay MYSELF; I'm actually going to Vietnam and Thailand in the summer for a month maybe but that's a paid for family trip. From now on I can't go anywhere else and spend excessive money. Gotta save up to go to college soon. Reality is a bitch eh? *sigh*

Thanks for reading as always :)