Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Smooch Boutique Swimwear


Hey everyone! I would like to do a quick review on a local swimwear boutique in Vancouver that I have started to buy from. For my upcoming vacation next week, I've been ordering bikinis on Ebay or looking through stores for cheap, decent-looking ones. I just wanted something simple that will get me by. But then I have been eyeing this shop for a long time. It's a luxury brand of swimwear hand created by Karmel Franklin. The prices are indeed very high... But after awhile I thought, "why not invest in some nice branded bathing suits that I could keep using for a long time instead of those cheap ones that you would throw out?" 

I'd still buy the others just for any rough stuff like surfing, ocean swimming etc. But these by Smooch, are pieces of art! I'd wear them to pool parties in Vegas or something! Lounging on beaches, resorts or boats, they're great if you wanna look gorgeous! Of course she has some more casual, cute designs too that you can wear swimming and don't have to worry about the detailing (lace, bows, buttons, tassels) falling off. I thought anyone interested in age-jo, gyaru fashion would love these cuz they're very dolly, feminine and sexy :) I think you'll fall in love with the designs! It's so me! LOL I can't stand such simple clothes, let alone lingerie or swimsuits. I need fancy ones!

I ended up buying this set! The Amelia from Adore Me Collection~ It was $169 CAD plus shipping  and I had to pay tax but Karmel added me to the member's list so now I'll be able to get 10% my future orders. So sweet of her!