Friday, January 11, 2013

New Blonde Hair (Slight Rant) and Shops

Hey readers, how are you? :D Hope everyone had a great holiday, I certainly did. Well it was rather tiring because there was so much to do, from multiple parties, my anniversary, and just EATING! I'm so sick of eating lol. Been trying to go to the gym as much as possible for a slightly decent bikini body next month!

Just wanted to show off my new hair color I got done two days ago. :) I really like it but it wasn't what I originally wanted. I wanted like a white, almost silver blonde and got this ultra light ash/pale blonde instead. I'm happy as long as the orange/yellow tones are gone. But my GOD, those who have my Facebook would know that I did not like the lady who did my hair at all! This was a new dresser I went to instead of my usual. She's friends with my mom so I get discounts but she seriously does not know how to dye blonde hair. I've seen most of her customers (including my mom) dye only browns, reds or purples but no blonde unless it's streaks and highlights. Right off the bat she said the color I wanted was going to be difficult to do. And the procedure she did already looked off to me, and I'm so professional hairstylist!

She ended up giving me chemical burns and said it wasn't her fault, and that the scabs I now have all over my head were already there. I've bleached my hair year after year and this has NEVER happened. The moment she put on the toner, I was literally shaking in my seat and trying not to cry cuz it burned SO much. I'm not exaggerating. It usually stings a bit but nothing I can't handle. This was unbearable but I sucked it up cuz I wanted the color and thought this was normal but it clearly wasn't. She rubbed it all over scalp which is what you aren't supposed to do. I had my hair bleach WHITE before by my previous stylist and it never hurt like this.

The only good thing about that lady is that she charges cheap. $90 for my dye when I typically pay $150-$180. But you know what? I'd rather pay that amount to get my hair done RIGHT than have severe burns. There's red, peeling scabs all over my head. I mean I do have dry skin and I scratch them a lot so there might've been little cuts that she noticed on my head. But her dye process probably opened those wounds and made it worse! >:( Every time I leave the other salon, my hair is lightweight, shiny and soft to the touch from Moroccan oil. Now it's dry and brittle. Falling off here and there. I will never go back to her again even with a good price. Careful who you pick to dye your hair when it comes to blondes, everyone!

On another note, here are some purchases I made over the holidays :)


This cute Rilakkuma sweater and Sentimental Circus elepant (which is a new character I'm in love with!)

These d.i.a tops I got for the Dominican next month!

It won't be long before I'm relaxing in this... It's been so friggin' cold up here it's unbelievable. Makes it hard for me to work cuz my market is pretty much half outside. God, why can't I just get a job inside the warm mall =_=