Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy Holidays From KatoKathy & GALVIP!

 Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday break! I had an amazing time on Christmas and my 3 year anni yesterday of being together with my bf :) Here's the special holiday edition of GalVIP if you'd like to read~ Go to the Facebook group!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lace Petite ~ Lolita/Gyaru-Inspired Lingerie For Smaller Girls


I just got my lingerie set order in from Lace Petite~ A brand new online store that just opened last month. I discovered it on a friend's Facebook post and just had to buy this set! It's called, "Romantic Blue Rose". Currently it's out of stock but they will be restocking soon along with the green version.

Lace Petite specifically targets girls that have smaller sized breasts between A-C cup. Their slogan is, "Who says petite girls can't be cute and sexy? We provide affordable, fashionable, cute and sexy lingerie to smaller chested girls!"

Which is perfect for me, not being all that big either. They have the cutest lingerie sets that are Lolita and gyaru-inspired. Some of them look like similar designs to Aimerfeel and Ravijour, without the price. Sets range from $20-$40. The girl running the site is very kind and communicative~ My parcel arrived quite quickly and she always kept me with the updates. Anyone living in the States will get free shipping :)

I definitely recommend this website if you're looking for cute underwear and I will probably continue to support her new business. Check out the pics below for some other designs! 

GEO Sparkling Brown (EyeCandy's)


Usage Modality:  One Year Disposable
BC:  8.4-8.6 mm
DIA:  14.2 mm
Water content:  38% - 42%

Comfort: These are probably the most comfortable lenses I've ever worn. I can wear it for a whole day and it wouldn't feel irritated. It doesn't feel like you're wearing it either as it glides on softly.

Color & Enlargement: A very nice light brown to hazel color. This is definitely one of the lens you would see happie nuts, EGG, Ranzuki models wear for a nicer subtle look. It's bright but not too dramatic with minimal patterns. I bought these after seeing BiiBii's review on them. Her eyes look even more stunning than mine in those XD

Here's the video part of it


Friday, December 6, 2013

GEO Tri-Color World Green (EyeCandy's)


Usage Modality:  One Year Disposable
BC:  8.6 mm
DIA:  14.0 mm
Water content:  38%

Comfort: For some reason, these lenses cannot align properly for the left side. Maybe it's because I got a bad one but the left one keeps sliding around and won't fully cover my irises at times. The right one is fine though. But because of that, it sort of stressed out my left eye and it get red/pinkish if worn too long.

Color & Enlargement: The color is absolutely gorgeous. It's a nice emerald green but at times depending on the lighting it can look blue. The enlargement is also good even though it's only 14mm and not the usual 15mm

This was my first time ordering with EyeCandys. Although their prices are high, there is free shipping so it kind of works out to be the same as the other lens stores. They give you your items in cute packaging and comes with animal contact cases. Overall it was a great experience with them and I would recommend this site!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Gal VIP Fall 2013 Issue is Out!

Hello readers! Just making a quick update of what I've been up to recently. This is late but if you haven't noticed, GalVIP's new November issue was release and it's also my debut! :) (Go there to download!) I've recently been recruited to be one the new online magazine's models. Hopefully this will keep me more active in the community and you'll see more posts from me XD I also just changed my domain name because my last one expired and I spent the last 3 weeks having issues getting it back. ;_; My blog address is now

Here's some pages that I'm in~ There's lots of different hair and makeup tutorials so check them out :D

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Singapore 2013 & Japanese Shops

And here's my mini post on Singapore. One thing I have to say is that I FUCKING LOVE SINGAPORE! XD It's such a beautiful country and the closest place to Japan I have ever been. Cheap branded Asian items at practically every corner like a Starbucks! I highly recommend anyone visiting here. Take note that while Asian products are affordable, American stuff are NOT. But if you are living in the Americas like I am, why would you bother? When you can get them cheaper back home right? We're here for Eastern gifts after all lol

This is all I bought. Tons of Diamond lashes I know lol They were about $18-$20 CAD each and one brown lashes from Eyemazing. The bag I got is from this Korean brand called Lavina? I think it's only sold in Singapore though...

One Majolica Majorca blush in an orange color, almost the same as the Diamond Beauty series. The spiky headband I got from the same shop that sold the purse, they mainly had Korean fashion. I forgot the name of the store but it's located in Bugis Junction. An area you MUST visit to shop. The ribbon headband I bought at Universal Studios in which I went alone XD How sad but my mom is freaked out by those kind of amusements. I will do reviews on the lashes if anyone would like! I accidentally bought an extra of the same box too so I will be selling them.

Vietnam & Thailand Summer 2013

Hello everyone! Before you kill me because yes I know I haven't updated in 3 months ^^;; I've had a busy summer vacation. Came back last month and now I can finally come around to briefing about it. Some of you from FB know that I went back to Vietnam to visit family for a month and from there we went to Thailand as well as Singapore. Here are just some pics of my endeavors!

Holding this tiger and feeding him was SO nurturing. I wanted to keep him XD


These gorgeous women were all once MEN! Can you believe?? I couldn't believe how beautiful they were. It's no wonder guys go to Thailand =_=;;

This wonderful island we took a little boat to get to near Pattaya. Called Coral Island I think. Thailand's beaches just beat the Caribbean and Mexico by a long shot. SO clean and clear!

Vietnam and Thailand was always filled with crocodiles. There's not one place where they had hundreds in a park~

These are cute little lizards that live in homes here. I found these two snuggling in my house XD Ok so maybe they were reproducing... They were SO fun to catch lol It's so boring in Nam, that's pretty much one of the only things you find yourself doing.

And that's all for this mini post~ I'll post about Singapore right after this! Which is more filled with gyaru goodies (being a more modern city). Just saying you can't find like any Japanese beauty or clothing products in Vietnam or Thailand. In the latter there are some of course in Bangkok as they have huge malls but it's just basic stuff like Palty. Or Kanebo items. I managed to get some lashes called Queen? Which is almost Luminous to Daiso quality but still not bad. I've tried the Watson's stores there (which is like a pharmacy-type place that sells A LOT of Asian beauty products) but they didn't have much. Maybe a small Canmake section and that's it. They had more Chinese beauty products. But maybe it's because I didn't go to ALL the malls.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Golds Infinity Style & LOTS of Clothing/Cosmetics Shopping

I FINALLY DID A STYLE POST! XD Although it was a half body shot and not full body but still... Lol I tried. I went out down to Metrotown by myself a had the best relaxing day. Haven't done this in so long. I initially went there to face trade some items I bought online, which was three Golds Infinity one-pieces and to sell my Liz Lisa skirt. The top I'm wearing was bought last time in my previous post! These are all my very first Golds clothing items and I love them ^-^ (Pretty much giving up on my Liz Lisa styles now >.>)


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Anime Girl? Mori Gyaru? Game of Thrones Character?

A quick outfit I put together with a dress I bought at Sirens. It's really ruffled at the top and made me look fat so my bf hated it XD So I just twisted it together with a flower pin and turned it into a mori gyaru outfit. OR some medieval Game of Thrones type of dress lol which is kind of where I got the inspiration from (along with the hairstyle).

One of the more simple looks with natural makeup! I'm not even wearing lenses here (I need to buy more anyways, mine are all expired). And yup my hair is pink! I recently got bored and dyed the bottom blonde to make an ombre fade-out from brown to blonde. But I like colors so I turned the blonde into a rose pink ^-^ It faded within a few showers though =3=


Here are two Golds Infinity tops I just bought! I have like, three more one-pieces coming and two from d.i.a after doing some shopping on Mbok. Dx Oh God, my bank account... I swear it's such a bad habit of spending money every time I FINALLY hit a high number in my account or get a really big paycheck and decide it's "ok" to spend a "little". Haven't seen this much money in my bank for a long time since I've been frugal and haven't shopped in months then woops. More than half gone after getting too excited *sigh*

Has anyone been getting into working out lately? :) Now that it's summer? I've been doing the 30 day ab and butt challenges and 2 weeks in, I'm already seeing amazing progress! Paired with eating right of course! It feels nice to finally motivate myself to get off my ass and losing some weight x) Gotta get a decent bikini body when I go back to Vietnam and probably Thailand as well as Vegas!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pastel Candy Nails

New nail set I did! It's been half a year since I last had fake nails and it feels so weird. This is gonna get in the way of work for sure but I was getting bored of my plain ones >.> Plus sunny days are here so I had to do my toe nails too because of flip flop season!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Back to Brunette - Happie Nuts Style


I am so sick of my roots growing out like crazy every couple of weeks and I try to do them myself but now it's just so multicolored Dx Screw it. I'm going back brown until summer! Time to give my hair a break anyways lol Will be onee/tsuyome styled for awhile with this new do. I just used a cheap store bought hair dye called Vidal Sassoon in LIGHT BROWN #6

Because my hair was already really light to begin with, it turned out to be a really nice light ash brown or dark ash blond. I should've gotten two bottles but only had one so my hair was somewhat uneven. But I tried covering as much as possible and it ended up looking like... highlights/ombre in some areas XD not terribly noticeable.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Reverted Back to Kawaii Sweet Style

Picture spam! Had a boring day off so I decided to go back to my cute styles instead of the adult, sexy looks! I'm so glad I can still transition back to looking like a young babyish kid instead of my mature styles recently XD Haven't done this in almost a year ever since I stopped buying stuff from Liz Lisa~

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Shopping! d.i.a and Smooch Boutique

Another consecutive post to show off some of my recent shops that I came back to! Got the Sea Shell bikini from Smooch Boutique. I'm so in love with it. I'm hitting the gym ASAP so I can wear this in the summer. The color! My fave color is mint green to aqua but this sage green is beautiful. I like a bit of variety in my closet but honestly I think I'm going to be buying more of her bikinis in this color XD Remember to check out her web shop! The Smooch Boutique

What it looks like modelled by Heidi~

And I got some d.i.a clothes from Petit Egoist as well. I highly recommend getting stuff from her if you are a d.i.a, Golds Infinity or Liz Lisa fan. She has quite some selections. Most are pre owned but some are new!

New York 2013 Spring Trip


Hey readers! Just came back from my short trip to New York and updating a little post of it~ I went there to visit my old friend Mimi from high school (although I shouldn't have been doing this in the first place cuz I'm so broke n.n). It was a nice solo vacation for myself though.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Silver Linings ~ d.i.a


Been back from my Caribbean trip for a few weeks now and updating on a recent look since I had absolutely nothing to do today XD Picture post for my fellow followers :) I'll be making a short post on my vacation soon after this one.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Smooch Boutique Swimwear


Hey everyone! I would like to do a quick review on a local swimwear boutique in Vancouver that I have started to buy from. For my upcoming vacation next week, I've been ordering bikinis on Ebay or looking through stores for cheap, decent-looking ones. I just wanted something simple that will get me by. But then I have been eyeing this shop for a long time. It's a luxury brand of swimwear hand created by Karmel Franklin. The prices are indeed very high... But after awhile I thought, "why not invest in some nice branded bathing suits that I could keep using for a long time instead of those cheap ones that you would throw out?" 

I'd still buy the others just for any rough stuff like surfing, ocean swimming etc. But these by Smooch, are pieces of art! I'd wear them to pool parties in Vegas or something! Lounging on beaches, resorts or boats, they're great if you wanna look gorgeous! Of course she has some more casual, cute designs too that you can wear swimming and don't have to worry about the detailing (lace, bows, buttons, tassels) falling off. I thought anyone interested in age-jo, gyaru fashion would love these cuz they're very dolly, feminine and sexy :) I think you'll fall in love with the designs! It's so me! LOL I can't stand such simple clothes, let alone lingerie or swimsuits. I need fancy ones!

I ended up buying this set! The Amelia from Adore Me Collection~ It was $169 CAD plus shipping  and I had to pay tax but Karmel added me to the member's list so now I'll be able to get 10% my future orders. So sweet of her!

Friday, January 11, 2013

New Blonde Hair (Slight Rant) and Shops

Hey readers, how are you? :D Hope everyone had a great holiday, I certainly did. Well it was rather tiring because there was so much to do, from multiple parties, my anniversary, and just EATING! I'm so sick of eating lol. Been trying to go to the gym as much as possible for a slightly decent bikini body next month!