Saturday, December 1, 2012

I'm Back!! Included Hair Review Post

Hello readers, I'm back from a little hiatus. >_< Sorry for disappearing since summer. I had a lot of troubles with this blog because I wanted to get rid of the stupid LinkWithin on my pages and it wouldn't go away unless I deleted my blog and restarted it again. Which I did with everything saved and exported BUT what I didn't realize is that all my followers and statistics were gone :( Pretty frustrating. I tried to undelete the blog but Blogger kept having an error until recently I was about to revive it. I had started a temporary blog in the meantime with only 17 followers so there was no update and you probably couldn't find my page. My domain also expired and Blogger became SO complicated with trying to renew it and get your blog to redirect to the new name (I only figured it out now). So from now on, my new domain is katokathy.NET! Not .COM anymore cuz I can't get it for some reason. *sigh* That was why all the trouble and you haven't heard from me. So I will bless this post with a hair review of what had been going on since summer that I hope you will find useful :)


These are the products that I ordered online from Sally Beauty to dye my hair. A site that I really recommend! They sell professional hair, nail and makeup stuff.

My roots were growing out badly and I wanted to fix that while enhancing my color too. I just bought hair bleach that you can get at any department store and really SLOPPILY did my roots. XD It wasn't a good job at all but I mainly just wanted the top to not be black anymore. After that I used Ion Color Brilliance Permanent Creme Color in HI-LIFT ASH BLONDE to retain the ashyness of my color without the golden tones. 

I read good reviews on this color from YouTube and decided to give it a try. I just wanted my hair to be a lot whiter-silver toned. The result that came out didn't seem to change much to be honest... It kinda felt like the original ash blonde that I had before, which was good for my roots. There wasn't any orange tones up there. It did lighten a teeny bit. So that's when I used the toner next (in case the creme color didn't work).

This was the most popular toner for people who like light blonde hair. It's also called White Lady. Wella Color Charm in #T18 Lightest Ash Blonde. Girls who usually have platinum or white hair will use this and I love it as much. It's a shame I wasted the one bottle though. I read online that toner takes really fast and some people had their hair turn purple (it is a purple-based toner) so I only left it on for 10mins cuz they said that was the recommended time. But on the box it said 30-45mins. Overall this was the result below:


 Top is regular lighting and bottom is warm lighting.

I love the color, it's definitely a perfect ash blonde and lighter than before. Plus my roots are perfect lol but I felt like I could've left the toner on a bit longer to get ALMOST white/silver hair. For those who wonder about my hair color, these were the best items to achieve it without spending hundreds at the salon.

As for my colorful highlights. I used Ion Color Brilliance Brights. It is a semi-permanent hair dye, which means it will wash out after a couple of weeks and seem faded. If you put it on blonde hair such as mine. If your hair is platinum or white, it should last a lot longer.


Result! So many people loved it. I only used the aqua and magenta color. Haven't touched the teal yet. The violet you see is from my Joico hair dye from the previous posts. I found that the magenta took a long time to take and washes out easily. At first I only left it on for 30mins because the color is quite vibrant and scared me cuz I didn't want it that bright lol but once you wash the dye out it becomes quite a few shades faded/darker than what you saw. It disappeared after 2 showers. So I left it on for 1hr 1/2 to get this perfect shade of pink. Which lasted about 1-2 weeks.

That's all for this hair post. Any questions, feel free to ask me. I hope it was informative enough for you and thank you for still being my follower!