Saturday, December 8, 2012

Latest Dark Nail Design

Just wanted to show off my nails that I did for this past Halloween! I only did this as a tester so it was only on one hand XD These were the longest nails I ever had. If you're familiar with using nail form extensions, I typically only go to #3 or #2 for something shorter. These were a #5. Surprisingly it wasn't hard to function everyday with it other than at work cuz I have to type on a keyboard. I really loved the skull with the dangling rose. I took it from one of my earrings cuz it wasn't getting used and just tore that apart, along with the chain on my thumb nail. ^^;; Hope you like! I gotta try to get back into making more nails routinely. Would you purchase if I made some for sale? :D

Saturday, December 1, 2012

I'm Back!! Included Hair Review Post

Hello readers, I'm back from a little hiatus. >_< Sorry for disappearing since summer. I had a lot of troubles with this blog because I wanted to get rid of the stupid LinkWithin on my pages and it wouldn't go away unless I deleted my blog and restarted it again. Which I did with everything saved and exported BUT what I didn't realize is that all my followers and statistics were gone :( Pretty frustrating. I tried to undelete the blog but Blogger kept having an error until recently I was about to revive it. I had started a temporary blog in the meantime with only 17 followers so there was no update and you probably couldn't find my page. My domain also expired and Blogger became SO complicated with trying to renew it and get your blog to redirect to the new name (I only figured it out now). So from now on, my new domain is katokathy.NET! Not .COM anymore cuz I can't get it for some reason. *sigh* That was why all the trouble and you haven't heard from me. So I will bless this post with a hair review of what had been going on since summer that I hope you will find useful :)