Wednesday, September 12, 2012

SPONSORED ~ EOS Violet Daisy Series - Lens Review (Mukuchu)

Usage Modality:  One Year Disposable
BC:  8.8 mm
DIA:  14.8 mm
Water content:  38%

Comfort: As with all EOS lenses that I've had in the past, these ones were also quite comfortable. The left one was ok, the right one had a little sharp edge at first that quickly went away after a few seconds.

Color & Enlargement: The color isn't usually what I'd pick, cuz I'm not that big a fan of purple contacts (although it matches the hair color that I currently dyed). Up close, both design and color are very bold and looks similar to the King Barbie series by Sakurina; so it's very vibrant and shows up well even on dark eyes. At the same time the color can seem subtle when you're a distance away like in the photo I took above. It can just almost pass off as another color.

 Hope you also like my new make-up style! ^^ It's been awhile since I've used really dark colors and black eyeshadow. Please also bear with me with the horrifying quality, my camera is broken as mentioned in the last post so right now I'm just using my 8.1 MP Japanese camera phone Dx as opposed to the fuzzy Itouch one. My new camera should be arriving in 2 weeks or so! ^o^