Saturday, September 1, 2012

Second Trip to California~

Wow, now that I'm back on track and recovering from a tiring vacation, I can now blog about it! Last week my boyfriend and I drove down to Cali for the summer trip. We stayed in San Francisco for a night and went straight to LA. Driving was BRUTAL. I hated it. So much. With a passion lol. And I didn't even drive XDDD so that being said, everyone should feel bad for my bf. Considering it's a 22hr transport from here in Canada to down there. Usually that would take at least two people to switch back and forth but I don't have a license (until now) so... x3

We drove for 6hrs at first, hoping to pass through Washington and once we got to Oregon we TRIED sleeping in the car for a bit. Like, really a bit. It got SO cold and the car for uncomfortable cuz we we're just using a regular car, not some van or truck. Then we continued straight onto to San Francisco and arrived early afternoon. James' leg was literally dying, I felt so bad ;_; But going through WA and OR wasn't bad... It's California. HOLY HELL once we reached there it was blazing hot. 8hrs in the car to reach Anaheim. No AC. Sun directly on me. I wanted to die lol. I came back from the trip looking like a Mexican and most of the tanning was from being in the car! Then we decided to hit traffic once we were so close to the hotel. Dx Just ugh... No more trips to hot places in the summer haha~

But enough of all that lol here I will show you some pics of my trip when meeting with my beautiful little sis, Cindy and the Cali gals.

Some purikura, I got so lazy scanning all of them with my crappy scanner. >_> I finally got to meet Ninoshka and Tricia this time! Along with Marissa and Kathleen. Everyone was just so cute I was jealous ><'' Tricia was soooo slim AHHH! And Nino had such flawless makeup! (she was so tall too XD) I loved Marissa's entire d.i.a attire and Kathleen was such a cute, shy little princess.

Of course I had to go back to Shibuyala to shop and visit Elly!

Can't wait to meet the girls again. It was only a short one day visit for me this time cuz I had to spend time with the bf, after all this is an 'us' trip :P Planning to go back in the Spring or anytime when it's a lot cooler lol.

Went to Santa Monica/Venice beach twice~ It was really nice and relaxing but I couldn't swim because of my new navel piercing. I still got pretty soaked though cuz I can't resist going in the ocean. ^^;;

Oh! And these are two nail styles that I did recently for myself but never posted. The blue ones are what I had for my trip and the princess ones are for work before this set.

That's it for now. :) I bought a whole lot of stuff but can't take pics because I got my camera too wet from the beach and now it's broken. -_- New excuse to buy another camera so until then! You'd only see bad quality Ipod pictures lol