Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Purple Streaks - Joico's Intensity Color


Hi readers~ If you've been on my Twitter or Facebook page, you'd know that I had recently dyed my hair purple ^-^ Just some strands underneath all my main hair color. I've been meaning to get it multicolored streaked like this:

That's my ultimate goal! So I went on Sally's and ordered some colors from Ion Brilliance with the bleach since my current blonde hair isn't light enough apparently for the pinks/blues/greens to be pastel. I have to dye it to a white platinum blonde O_O!! But while that's in pending with shipping, I got bored of course and decided to just go ahead and use my mom's tubes of hair dye when she had it purple before. And voila, this was the result. I used Joico's Color Intensity for this.  The purple is pretty vibrant and some parts are already fading into a silvery color instead of the lilac/lavender I was looking for since my blonde is a bit too dark. But it was a fun experiment. Surprisingly I got rave reviews lol

I think I will add on the other colors once it arrives to see what they look like on my ash blonde first before dyeing it white.

Joico is highly recommended for anyone who plans to try it out. It doesn't smell that strong at all. Smells nice actually and doesn't have any burning sensation. The colors really stick as long as you continue to just use conditioner on your hair since shampoo really washes it out. But since I like the faded washed out look, I'm using shampoo every now and then. Wouldn't really mind if the streaks came out silver though, I think that would look cool!