Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happie Nuts/EGG-Style Look

Hey guys! I haven't posted any recent style photos and there's been little changes. Of course the purple hair and my blonde is now a lighter ash. I also tried out a new makeup style here inspired by Sakurina and Nino! ;D I haven't done the whole drawing the bottom eyeliner lower thing to make your eyes appear bigger so I tried and definitely loving the results~ It's also my first time trying to contour my nose (successfully) if you even noticed ^^;;

All these pics were taken by my new Casio Tryx camera! Thank god for my old camera breaking XD I just love this one because it has natural airbrushing/photoshop features so your pics come out looking pretty professional. No need for retouching edits. It also makes you look slimmer too, especially the face. As shown in the pic, it also allows you to take hands free images. Perfect for when you want full body shots without having another person doing it for you.

Here's a closeup of my eye make and a faraway shot that makes my face look unflattering but shows off the make well Dx I love how the camera is really good quality that even my moles show up on my lip and chin. My old camera wasn't able to do that

And that's all for the pics this time. Thank you for reading :)