Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Recent July Shops, Nails and Style

Hello readers~ Just wanted to post some of my recent buys that I did for July, with other stuff gradually coming in lol after that I am totally done for the summer cuz I'm literally going poor. Paid off all my bills and my bank is at a miserable amount. Probably the lowest I've ever seen it. ;_;

Here I got in my two new BEAUTIFUL summer dresses from Liz Lisa! I'm finally buying from them again. I still love the brand, just got tired of too much floral patterned clothing I guess. Everything else I still want to buy that includes ribbons, bows, frills, lace etc. As you can see all the clothes I have of Liz Lisa that I'm selling are floral items. x)

I actually wore the dresses for my recent outdoor photo shoot this past Saturday (now that our weather is looking up for the rest of the season. It's just too damn hot now...) My photographer was extremely nice since it was only my second shoot ever and I still haven't gotten used to it yet with the poses. He had many ideas to work with so that made it A LOT easier and guided me through everything. I'm not yet professional so you can't just let me go ahead and do my own thing, it'll be awkward. Dx Plus it was outdoor instead of a studio which he says the latter is more tough cuz YOU have to portray a lot of moves and emotions with just a backdrop. This time I had many props and scenery to work with so it felt more natural for me. Like a friend taking photos. There's more positions as opposed to me just standing there and moving a few inches. I will be featured in a newspaper column and website from the shoot. Will let you guys see the pics once I get them! :D

Jeans from DreamV. I'm surprised at how stretchy they were and loose for a size L. Still don't think I can fully fit into their M size pants though lol

These are nails I did for my friend. It's not my best work since I felt rushed the whole time. She had to go out for dinner and I was trying to finish fast but ended up not doing a good job. A day later and she said it started chipping cuz I made the nails too thin. The 3D designs are mediocre compared to what I can usually do too cuz her bf was waiting outside in the driveway and I was freaking out LOL! Not to mention my bf texted me annoying messages and we got into a mini fight while I was working on them, so I was crying and talking at the same time, trying to work on nails with blurry eyes lol.


And this is my current left hand. I wanted to work on more acrylic 3D designs so I did an underwater theme XD still haven't finished the other hand yet cuz the drawing will be hell to do with my left hand.

And recent web cam shots of another mature Ageha-style. I attempted to contour my nose... dunno if you notice lol but it does look somewhat different. I thought it looks kinda weird in real life but in pics it's not bad >_>

Thanks for reading everyone! Hope everyone had a good Canada Day and/or 4th of July!