Saturday, June 9, 2012

Los Angeles Trip ~ Part 3

On the last 2 days I went to Disneyland with Cindy and Universal Studios with Abbie. I wasn't able to take too much photos of my Hollywood trip cuz I was too busy running around going on rides repetitively. XD But here's a couple from DL!

The actress for Cinderella looked SO pretty! Snow White too. She was seriously "fair-skinned".

This is us on the teacup ride. Surprisingly it's my first time on it cuz I always had the image it was childish lol really fun though when we were spinning it around like crazy. Please excuse my messy and lack of makeup. We're at an amusement park... There's really no point. I mean I dunno why I bothered curling my hair when it eventually went frizzy after going on Splash Mountain more than once lol Mascara and everything washed away and we just put our hair up in ponytails.
Apparently this looked like a family photo 8D
Tinkerbell was also one of the people (uh fairies) who were amazed by my nails lol she was a little disappointed there wasn't any green though D;
MY DONALD DUCK!! 3rd time going to Disneyland and not once have I had taken a pic with him T~T Me and Cindy went hunting throughout trying to find him lol we saw him when we first got there but he was heading towards the staff area for a break so. =_= I got a parade pic of him waving at me.

Me and the cute mouse Fievel at Hollywood <3 He's so adorably short XD

That's all for my trip guys, thanks for looking :) I had a lot of fun and will possibly return this summer~