Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Los Angeles Trip ~ Part 2

When I finally met up with Cindy for the evening, I got to meet her friend Abby. Who is by far the most hyperactive hilarious girl I've ever known LOL! She's such a small little Asian girl by first glance but she's so ghetto XDDD We went to a restaurant to eat called "Guppy"? Something or other? ... It was full of fish LOL that's all that stood out to me.
After that we hit up Round One arcade and waited for the other girls to come meet up! I thought I was only supposed to see Michi but apparently she had invited so many other girls to make a little get together for purikura with me as the special guest?? :O I was super excited. I didn't think it would turn into a big group!

My numerous failed attempts at getting a Rilakkuma =3= I spent $40 trying!! So mad I wasted that money. Eventually some dude got it after ME AND ABBY got it into that original position which made it easier for other people to get. GRRRR! *still bitter* His gf was all happy and I'm like, "bitch! He didn't do anything!" XD
I'm so glad I got to meet such beautiful girls :) Everyone was so nice and funny. I know how catty-ness could happen in a gal meet but I got along with everyone individually, they're all so friendly! I met Michi, June, Angela and Cici. We took so much purikura in possibly all the booths there x)

I can't wait to meet everyone again! I'm definitely going to go back to LA more often now :) It's not like it's costs that much and it's only a 2hr flight

Part 3 in the next post!