Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Los Angeles Trip ~ Part 1

Picture heavy post of my recent trip to Cali! I'm gonna pile everything into 3 parts x)

First night I landed in LA, I didn't do much other than check in the hotel, eat and go to bed. The very nice and cute receptionist who flirted with me gave me a room with a great balcony view of the Disneyland fireworks XD (which was just down the street from my place). It was extremely lonely because it was a solo trip and my boyfriend wasn't there. -_____-;; I'm like that forever alone woman with cats.

View from my room! The day after I went to Citadel Outlets for shopping and seriously... I love American guys LOL! XDD I've been hit on countless times and most of them WEREN'T creepy old guys or ugly dudes. I felt so embarrassed XP I bought a Juicy Couture bag and track pants there. Then met up with Cindy afterwards and she took me up to San Gabriel for more shopping! We visited Elly's Shibuyala shops where I bought 3 sets of lingerie from Aimerfeel. A Japanese/Taiwanese brand?

I am seriously in love with her lingerie boutique. She's a genius for the interior designing! As an artist myself, I wanted to also become a interior designer and this is just stunning. She was such a sweetheart too and gave me a discount of over $30! ♥ I was surprised by how affordable her prices were. A set was around $40-$50. Here in Vancouver, it would be $100 for a GOOD set. The crappier, simple designs are $50. Maybe it's just overall jacked up prices here in Van. -.-;;
Her uniform is cute too! XD I'd so work there if I could lol. We went around the area to look at other Asian shops, go for bubble tea and this awesome cosmetics store that sold Japanese stuff so cheap! I bought a pair of Decorative lashes and a Dolly Wink case for the lashes. I didn't buy much cuz I already had so much makeup anyways. After that, Cindy took me to the Santa Anita mall and that concluded my first full day there.

The next day I went shopping (again) and the Outlets at Orange and bought more Juicy Couture stuff XD I bought 2 more purses again lmao! I know, now I have 3 in total. I couldn't resist though since they're so cheap! They were about $60-$70 each at Nordstrom Rack.

More about the rest of that day in the next post!