Saturday, June 16, 2012

New Nail Designs and a d.i.a-Style Bikini

 An update on my current nails I did for working at the nail salon. Yes, I got the job :) Just as a receptionist though. I'm planning to make my way up by starting here and knowing all the terms and different kind of nails, products etc. while practicing at the same time. Then I'll probably go to school for it later on in the year or next year XD totally putting off going back to school.

I'm not a big fan of the square cut nails anymore but I did it this time since it has more room for me to do the 3D arts. Rounded tips are way better, just so much longer to take if I use nail tips instead of creating it with gel. I noticed every time I created the gel ones myself they don't last as long as pressing on nail tips. But the con with tips is that it's sooooo annoying with the constant manicuring =_= I don't have that buffer tool and manicure everything by hand so rounded tips take more time.

My acrylic 3D art is getting better, JUST SLIGHTLY! XD It still frustrates me but the flowers are becoming more defined. I did the flowers here and tried a rose but that's still hard so I made a bow which wasn't too bad. I went ahead and tried the gradient coloring with the first nail instead of only using white. Still need more practice with the black cuz it gets too messy.

And here's my bikini I  bought from DreamV that arrived! :D I love it so much, I'm going to use it as motivation for losing weight! =^= I've been gaining SO much lately since I came back from my 2 trips and it's scaring me cuz my jeans require more effort getting into T_____T Been wearing loose sweatpants or shorts too much lately that I've been underestimating how much I've been eating/gaining AH!

My giveaway will be coming soon! I'm already gathering the items for it :) Stay tuned~

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Los Angeles Trip ~ Part 3

On the last 2 days I went to Disneyland with Cindy and Universal Studios with Abbie. I wasn't able to take too much photos of my Hollywood trip cuz I was too busy running around going on rides repetitively. XD But here's a couple from DL!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Los Angeles Trip ~ Part 2

Los Angeles Trip ~ Part 1

Picture heavy post of my recent trip to Cali! I'm gonna pile everything into 3 parts x)

First night I landed in LA, I didn't do much other than check in the hotel, eat and go to bed. The very nice and cute receptionist who flirted with me gave me a room with a great balcony view of the Disneyland fireworks XD (which was just down the street from my place). It was extremely lonely because it was a solo trip and my boyfriend wasn't there. -_____-;; I'm like that forever alone woman with cats.