Saturday, May 12, 2012

SPONSORED ~ Geo Gray Blanket Flower - Lens Review (Mukuchu)


Usage Modality:  One Year Disposable
BC:  8.6 mm
DIA:  15.0 mm
Water content:  38%

 (views of the lens in different lighting)

Comfort: The lenses were quite comfortable like the last pair of the Flower Series I got. No irritation whatsoever when I put them on other than a bit of dryness which isn't too much of an inconvenience.


Color & Enlargement: You know the term, "stormy eyes"? Well I certainly think I found the color that describes it! I am absolutely in love with the color and 15.0mm enlargement. There's a bit of a glossy shine to it too to make the eyes have more impact. At first I was confused as to what the color I received was, since depending on the light it does change to being bluish. I dunno if this is the case with all gray lenses. I only had one pair of gray lenses before (Ash Wing) but it was a purposely mixed with blue color and doesn't even seem gray 90% of the time. I'm stunned with the pattern too, which isn't too decorative in terms of a flower image.