Saturday, May 5, 2012

My First Gel Nail Design - Princess Style

Hey readers! Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been preoccupied with a lot of things nowadays (especially work and well... reading LOL) I've been into The Hunger Games fandom immensely and I find myself reading for constant hours and putting off everything else. ^^;; Sorry! I just wanted to update with this little post of my nails that I currently did. By myself! :D They're the first gel nails I attempted after buying the whole equipment haul on Ebay. I'm still learning without school so there are some flaws. But I hope to find more models to practice on and get better before going into schooling for it... maybe at the end of the year (probably not lol). Thought I would just try out an easy princess theme before I get ideas/inspirations to do other harder designs.

These are my attempts at 3D flowers with acrylic powder for the first time. They look kinda miserable lol it's a bit harder than I thought. Especially to get the shaping right. I don't even have the right art brush for it and sufficed with my standard gel nail brush. The gold one looks nice probably because I threw on that pink stone flower to make it more tolerable XD

Couple weeks left before I go to Cali! WOOT! Can't wait to meet fellow gyaru down there :)
And I'm also thinking of holding another giveaway soon yes? I wanted to wait till it hits the 700 followers mark but I think I'll do one earlier~