Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Disney-Themed Nails, Buys and Hair

Hey readers! I wanted to show you the gel nails I made last night for my L.A trip TOMORROW! I tried making them Disney-themed and was kind of racking my brains for an idea. I had the Mickey Mouse rhinestones... But for the color choices I had no clue what to do so I decided red/silver. Red for Mickey's pants? I wanted to put on polka dots but it got too messy and I settled for Dalmation spots. The pink hearts added for something "princessy".

It was the first time I used nail tips which I'm not a fan of. I went to the night market and looked at the nail booths for cheap items but they don't sell nail forms! I asked around and the Chinese ladies would smirk at me acting like they know everything and say, "no, I don't think those exist". Or thinking I meant actual already done false nails that you glue on. Psssh~~ Apparently this method is just too advanced for them to comprehend. -___- I don't like nail tips much cause it requires too much manicuring/filing and the shaping is hard in my opinion. Well, at least I learned something. It wouldn't be hard if I kept it the square cut shape but I'm more of a fan of rounded tips.

Bought these from the night market. Can you believe the Jumily lashes I got for $23?! From a stand where girls were selling a lot of Japanese branded makeup. THEN I went down further to a few stands away and bought the next 2 lashes... for $10 EACH! WTF! It was from the same old man who sold me cheap Dolly Wink lashes last year and those cute ruffle garter stockings that people usually sell for $20+, he gave it to me for $12. He even remembered me! That's it. I'm going to him every year now. The bad thing is that he only has one of each item and not that many brands. So if it's gone, it's gone. While the other girls can stock more. Better go early and buy it all from him next time since it's so cheap. I felt like I was ripped off lol.

My outfit for the night. I'm quite fond of this coordination lol. Oh and this is also the hair color I dyed it last week? :) It's the same color, I just had to get rid of my horrifying black roots. I'm starting to get A LITTLE more successful of sujimori-ing XD

That's all folks! I'm off to finish packing to leave tomorrow. Anyone in Cali wanna come hang out? FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME! :D Lol I'm very excited to go meet the gals there. If you're up for Disneyland or Universal Studios that would be awesome~

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Eye Makeup Tutorial #1

As per requested by Laura May, here is a tutorial of how I did my eye makeup from the previous lens review. I tried my best in explaining properly and breaking things done ^^;; Sorry it's a bit amateurish as this is one of my first tutorials. Hope it helps!

 (click to enlarge)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

SPONSORED ~ Geo Gray Blanket Flower - Lens Review (Mukuchu)


Usage Modality:  One Year Disposable
BC:  8.6 mm
DIA:  15.0 mm
Water content:  38%

 (views of the lens in different lighting)

Comfort: The lenses were quite comfortable like the last pair of the Flower Series I got. No irritation whatsoever when I put them on other than a bit of dryness which isn't too much of an inconvenience.


Color & Enlargement: You know the term, "stormy eyes"? Well I certainly think I found the color that describes it! I am absolutely in love with the color and 15.0mm enlargement. There's a bit of a glossy shine to it too to make the eyes have more impact. At first I was confused as to what the color I received was, since depending on the light it does change to being bluish. I dunno if this is the case with all gray lenses. I only had one pair of gray lenses before (Ash Wing) but it was a purposely mixed with blue color and doesn't even seem gray 90% of the time. I'm stunned with the pattern too, which isn't too decorative in terms of a flower image.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

My First Gel Nail Design - Princess Style

Hey readers! Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been preoccupied with a lot of things nowadays (especially work and well... reading LOL) I've been into The Hunger Games fandom immensely and I find myself reading for constant hours and putting off everything else. ^^;; Sorry! I just wanted to update with this little post of my nails that I currently did. By myself! :D They're the first gel nails I attempted after buying the whole equipment haul on Ebay. I'm still learning without school so there are some flaws. But I hope to find more models to practice on and get better before going into schooling for it... maybe at the end of the year (probably not lol). Thought I would just try out an easy princess theme before I get ideas/inspirations to do other harder designs.

These are my attempts at 3D flowers with acrylic powder for the first time. They look kinda miserable lol it's a bit harder than I thought. Especially to get the shaping right. I don't even have the right art brush for it and sufficed with my standard gel nail brush. The gold one looks nice probably because I threw on that pink stone flower to make it more tolerable XD

Couple weeks left before I go to Cali! WOOT! Can't wait to meet fellow gyaru down there :)
And I'm also thinking of holding another giveaway soon yes? I wanted to wait till it hits the 700 followers mark but I think I'll do one earlier~