Saturday, April 7, 2012

Anna Fujita-Style Inspired - happie nuts

Hey readers! Here's a picture post of my latest style inspired by Anna Fujita! Katrina said in one of the pics I actually look like Sayoko Ozaki because of the make-up XD I'm really happy I got it spot on. I've been interested in these casual to mature styles but haven't actually tried them out other than the usual flashy d.i.a/MA*RS/Golds Infinity type. I wanted to try their more casual clothes that are more western-like. But right now I don't have the money to buy from brands such as garula so I just improvised with cheaper clothes here lol. Finally bought that long wanted leather jacket to coordinate with!

Here are the results and I hope you enjoy the images :) (I realized this is the first time I'm posting a style with my new hair color). My comment section is now by DISQUS because IntenseDatabase was being extremely annoying every time I install a new layout, it can't be reinstalled on my new layout no matter what I tried. -.-*