Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vegas, Shops, Food!

I guess before I post about my second Vegas trip, I should've finished writing about the first one yes? Lol well it wasn't AS fun as before because this time I went with my mom and under-aged brother. =_= So it felt more of a "relaxing boring vacation" than ever. Filled with food and shopping and food and... more shopping. I'm so tired of those two now. I drank my life away because I was so bored waiting for my mom to finish in the change rooms... Of literally every store we went into OMG! Didn't watch any shows either. Ah well it wasn't bad in the end, just boring since I went with the worst people. XD I bought a bit of stuff though.

These are the d.i.a tops I bought online that arrived. The second one doesn't quite fit as well as I hoped, so I'm going to use it as my motivation lol.

My only goal for shopping was really to get black heels, cause unbelievably I didn't own any. :| I had crappy super low pumps that I wear to job interviews (doesn't even fit my foot properly). So somehow I ended up buying two heels since it was shoe glory *o* I bought these Betsy Johnson ones at Macy's. I LOVE that department store. Every time I go to the States I have to go there lol they always have cheaper stuff and lots of sale promotions.

Then these beauties... I bought it at the hotel I stayed at (of course Venetian again ;P). They're Wild Rose shoes. I honestly don't know much about that brand other than the fact that they have REALLY nice trendy stuff. Devon's Shoes at Metrotown used to (or still does) carry the brand since I bought stiletto boots of the same name before. They're really affordable. Around $50-$100. But I couldn't find an online site. I found sites that sold their shoes for $150+ though O.o so I wonder why it's more expensive than in retail?

Gotta love Alexander McQueen/Lady Gaga shoes. They're actually pretty light and comfy too despite the height. It's almost like wearing those super tall geta sandals that oiran wear for their dances.

Pic with me and my blurred out mom XD this was the only pic taken of me and surprising I look decent for once.

And now I leave you with taunting images of delicious food I had in Vegas haha~ After that four day "binge" moment with buffets and fast food... I feel so sick now that I'm back home and don't wanna eat much anymore. Guess that's a good thing? 8D

I'm already planning a trip to go to Cali in May!! :D Really in a trip-mode and want to go to Disneyland as well as visit Emily. I wanna finally meet all the other gals there too ^_^