Saturday, March 3, 2012

Photo Shoot Preview Images & New Hair

Hi readers! A small post of what I've been up to in the past week~ That photo shoot that I posted about? Here are some preview pics! I edited these myself from the originals for personal showing ONLY so it is not good quality with a logo that prevents people from stealing. It wasn't a free event and I technically paid for my photos but because these are not Pete's edits, it's nothing official to be distributed. I'm still waiting on the final edits from the photographer.

As my first time modelling, it felt so awkward lol I wanted to do boudoir originally but decided to pass once I gain more experience. Plus the camera really does make you gain 10lbs so I gotta lose more weight before doing that =_= I felt so nervous/stiff the whole time and tried to get poses right while varying them up since most of the poses I did are practically all the same with some variations lol Didn't exactly practice much before the day so that was my fault. Probably would've been easier if I had a mirror in front of me so I can see myself hahaha~ MAN I LOOKED SO FAT IN THE IMAGES I'M NOT EVEN EXAGGERATING Dx I hope he photo-shops the hell out of them lol

The make-up artist was really funny/nice, I love her. Unfortunately she didn't get the whole gyaru make-up style right so we re-did some things twice. She only used the basic department store bought lashes too which looks too natural to show up in the images except for real close-ups. I didn't bring any of my thick Japanese lashes so the make looks quite strange in the original images ^^;; Which I also had to fix in the previews above by added false lashes manually. They didn't show at all! She kinda made my eyes look more Asian than it ever was... Which was the opposite of what I wanted XD;; But it's all right. Her make skills is really nice in general, just doesn't suit me. Unless I gave her the wrong instructions and should've provided example pics of a dark-eyed look instead of the light shadows she put on me. Next time I'll probably do the make-up myself lol you can only trust yourself when it comes to age-jo/gyaru it seems.

And then just few days ago I finally went to the salon to get back that beautiful ash blond hair color :) I only do this like once a year because it costs so much to maintain that shade of blond. After the roots grow out like crazy, I just suffice with box hair dyes.


All made up and just in time for Jin Akanishi's concert next week and Vegas the week after! :D