Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mini Update on a Few Shops and Sales Post

Hey readers! Just a mini post of a few shops I got in from the past weeks. The DreamV boots and Liz Lisa dress are ordered for a customer of mine! If you didn't know yet, I do have an online boutique store on Facebook (Vixxen). Feel free to contact me or browse through the products :) I sell mainly Japanese branded clothes and can order stuff for you, acting as a shopping service too.


My wonderful NuBras from DreamV as well as the numerous stockings lol. My friends all loved the ones I wore so they asked me to buy some for them too. I actually have one garter stocking available in my sales tab post above ^

This was a small post indeed. I'm now off to make another "review" entry coming right after of these NuBras I got. Look out for it!