Sunday, March 11, 2012

Japonicana Tour - Vancouver (Jin Akanishi)

Hello readers! Another update from me (after sleeping almost all day from the time changes =_=) This is just a little summary of Jin's concert that I went to last night with Katrina.

I bought VIP tickets to get a meet & greet with Jin, and sit in the 6th or 7th row from the stage which was pretty good. We were dead center too and not that far away. But I seriously wondered how so many other girls got the seats in front of us -.- Fan club maybe? Haha~

(wow my face looks so round)

The opening acts were Emmalyn Estrada and Joseph Vincent. I didn't get any pics or videos of the Estrada sister except for one which was absolutely blurry and you can't see anything lol. She was pretty and her voice is really nice. Since I'm going to say about 90% of the audience were females, she didn't get the best review... I felt bad for the poor girl. Not cuz she sucked, but everyone were more interested in getting the show to move on so Jin can show up. There was just polite, scattered applause the whole time. The girl who say behind me (who was the loudest and was one of those people who constantly shout out to the people on stage and they communicate back lol), cheered the most and encouraged her even though there were so many awkward silences here and there when she finished in between songs. Emmalyn sang some songs she wrote as well as covers. I think the problem was with the audience and it was generally female Asians. I've been to concerts at a bigger venue where it's "white people" oriented and they were much more party-goers and louder for the opening acts than just waiting for the main thing. And usually opening acts for those bigger concerts lasts for 2hrs.

Next up was Joseph Vincent. Maybe because he was a guy, but his reviews were better lol. I guess a lot of girls knew him from YouTube. He's almost like... I guess another Bruno Mars but with a guitar? He did mainly covers, most also from said Bruno Mars. The girl behind me had communication with him the whole time cuz she kept shouting which was funny. Even Joseph's responses, it was like he was a comedian too XD He threw an item into the crowd without looking and the lucky girl got serenaded to by him because he thinks a girl should be serenaded to at least once in her life (cue: girls go awwwww). Here's a video I took of it. I loved that he sang Backstreet Boys XDDD

After another interval, we now have Jin! Here's a video I took of his opening song, "Sun Burns Down". The moment the lights dimmed, everyone stood up from their chairs and got ready to scream like crazy lol I thought my ears would burst. Sorry the vid goes blurry sometimes. It's cuz I was either zooming or my camera would try to focus since the girl in front of me kept getting in the way. =.=


These are just some I'm posting, but I took as many pics as I could cuz the security guard told me to stop taking pics. They said you can take as many as you can as long as the flash is off for the opening acts but of course Johnny's LAWS apply overseas too. They just weren't as strict as they would be in Japan I guess. Obviously if they let us bring devices in, in the first place and it's not like they will catch everyone there. After that I didn't take anymore pics, which sucked because it was right when he finally took of his shades lol. The girls that were frequently being asked to stop taking pics were then talked to after the show and told to delete them. He actually remembered who was doing it the most and went through the cameras and phones, deleting their pics. So glad I didn't push it and tried again. Better to keep the stuff you already took than risk having them all taken away.

The dancers were HOT! Males and females. Apparently they were new dancers in general but I thought they were really good. If he wasn't Jin Akanishi, I think they would've outshine him lol. Since he only danced a bit, not really. He was more focused on singing.

I was so bugged by his dead poodle hair XDDD seriously I want his old hair back. But overall, Jin was very handsome in person. When I met him, he was quite... Short I thought lololol, he's most likely taller than me but I dunno he just seemed short and thin.

What me and Katrina agreed on was that he really seemed high during the concert. Even during the meeting, he seemed somewhat "off/out of it" >.>

Girls went wild every time Jin was grinding with this dancer hahaha~ Which was most of the songs.

I didn't know much songs obviously cuz I'm not really a Jin fan, but I do think he's hot and has good music from time to time. So the only songs I got really excited for was "Sun Burns Down" & "Test Drive". I was mainly more interested in him during KAT-TUN than him being solo now. Or with his earlier drama shows. So I have mixed feelings about the concert in general. His encore song was "Seasons" in Japanese and I was blown away. I definitely prefer him singing in Japanese than English. It's just more... him. And when he thanked everyone at the end by saying, "domo arigatou". It felt more real, like I was actually in Japan watching a Johnny's concert.

This is my VIP pass and poster signed by Jin. As quoted from Katrina, he did have an arrogant air about him when we met. He was really quiet and not much talkative other than to the staff and a laugh here and there. I didn't wanna just awkwardly stand there and watch him sign so I congratulated him on his marriage with Kuroki Meisa. He looked up and said a light, "ah thank you" but still smiled nicely nonetheless. Arrogant Jin showing *rolls eyes* I almost felt annoyed but I'm like, well... this is how he acts after all lol. We took a pic together by the staff which will be emailed to me later and the both of us were touching shoulders, I got SO worried. Like, "shit, am I too close?" 8DDD My heart was racing the whole time. My closest encounter with a Johnny's, other than that time with Sho Sakurai. After he finished, I took my poster and he waved goodbye in a cute, childish way x3.

We also get a free copy of his CD coming in the mail. Apparently Jin was a bit more open and talkative during the LA meet & greet and even gave each fan a hug, so I wonder why he wasn't for the Vancouver one... I guess he was tired because he actually did look exhausted and the security was all around us like woah. They wanted things to go by quite fast. They said that he could only sign the one poster they were giving out while fans at the LA concert were able to get other stuff they brought signed.

Overall I'm quite happy I went, it was an experience. It was too short though. Jin probably appeared for a total of 1.5hrs? It was short and it still felt rushed. -.-

Nothing like ARASHI ;D but still good. If I met Arashi, I'd be down and out lol.