Saturday, March 31, 2012

DreamV NuBra Review

I finally got around to buying these NuBras that I've been wondering about for awhile. Not being blessed with the biggest boobs around (I am an A cup), I didn't want to be ripped off with breast enhancement stuff (not medication) like "miracle push-up bras", gel inserts or those chicken cutlets which I remembered buying for my grad dress in the past because the sellers said it guarantees to enhance my cleavage. Nope. Those things popped right off when I tried to pull it up to create bigger cleavage. So it required me placing them quite far back to my side and gather up my entire breast.

I saw these on sale numerous times, even Chinese versions at stores over here and I didn't know if they really worked or not. I didn't want it popping off again. -.- But from the pictures, it shows that the bra is strong enough to hold a full water bottle! And because this is more Asian-oriented and I know typically Asian girls aren't blessed with C's or D's so I thought I'd try it. After all, the bras over here are more marketing towards westerners with already big boobs. They don't need much push-up.

Here's my results:

with regular push-up padding


Needless to say I am extremely happy with the results!! Lol~ for anyone who would like to purchase these bras, I highly recommend it! :) I followed a YouTuber named Jenna Marbles before by wearing 2 bras to enhance cleavage before (since that is a usual trick done by gogo dancers), but could only do so for night outs. For the whole day, it HURTS to wear 2 bras. Not only is it tight and uncomfortable, but highly deceiving and somewhat embarrassing if you have a significant other (if you know what I mean LOL!) This is... border-line deceiving lol. I say it's actually not because technically you are just pushing up your boobs. As opposed to wearing those "push-up" bras by Victoria Secret or something that has a whole bunch of padding in there so it looks like you literally planted fake boobs on you and went up 3 sizes. That's not the case with this. You still look like you have the same cup size, it's just more perky. XD

But you could also wear these NuBras under one of those big padded bras and it really looks like you are well endowed.

In the second image, I am wearing 2 bras. My NB and the regular black push-up one is enough on the outside. It's just so it looks more round and evened out when you wear your top over. Being an A cup, if I JUST wore the NB and a shirt over, it kinda looks awkward. Since I'm still flat, but then there's all that deep cleavage lol doesn't make sense. So yea, a regular padded bra on the outside is great. :)

Hope this was useful to some people!