Saturday, February 18, 2012

Style, Shops and Birthday Dinner!


Hello readers! Here's an image-filled update on my current weekly shops and style~ Finally expanding my closet and fully branching into my age-jo look more than the usual Liz Lisa stuff I get captured by lol I just didn't like spending the extra money for using shopping services for these items that's why XD

This was my look for my birthday dinner yesterday. My make-up and hair especially took a total of 2hrs to do Dx everyone said it was really nice and I got a lot of compliments but afterwards it just felt so gross lol the weather was NOT great. It was a pouring monsoon outside and my hair got raped halfway. Not to mention the hardened crazy amount of hairspray that I loaded on was... ew... ^^;;

Here's a nice photo I took of Katrina and Shawna who also showed up! <3

I bought this new Hello Kitty palette from the "French Love" edition while looking for a new blush in Sephora. (since my Dior one was seriously getting old) I needed some eyeshadow too so I thought this cute little palette was just the right thing. I'll probably do a review later for it! The main colors I use are the more natural or dark colors. Nothing too colorful and vibrant so the purples will definitely be neglected lol.


My orders from Stella/Julia Boutique shop came in! Shipping was hella fast, I was so happy (just in good timing before my photo-shoot) The store sells a lot of the clothes that EGG models wear. It's pretty much like DreamV. Selling cheaper versions of d.i.a-type clothing. Including these 2 BEAUTIFUL belts that I finally own! Got the entire 3 items for about $160-$180? That's definitely a lot more savings than what I would've spent if it was bidding for real d.i.a belts (and only ONE).

Now I have more items to coordinate for my shoot next Sunday! *excited and super nervous*
Wish me luck guys! I'll be catching up on the review posts soon now :)

ps. Thank you for the nomination on Gaijin Gyaru Awards! :))) Even though I'm not exactly hime-gyaru and have only tried the style twice XD I'm more age-jo lol but thanks you~