Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Nails by Glam

A little post here to show off my new nails to you guys! I went back to Glam again today to get my nails done before the shoot (probably will get my hair dyed later when the extensions I bought comes in). The above pic is an example and is originally Misa's. The pics below are my hands! Keiko missed out on like 2-4 extra stones that I wanted to be exactly like the photo above but time was really limited since I made a last minute appointment. There's no silver foil like the ring finger either cuz she said that was just them experimenting new nail designs/techniques and the process didn't turn out well so it wasn't recommended. XD

But overall everything looks the same! She said that big crystal bow I have was also an experiment lol. It's not meant for nails and they use smaller bows. This one is supposed to be for deco on phone cases and such, but they decided to just plunk it on Misa's nails to see how it turned out and I loved it! Haha~ indeed she's right about it being inconvenient for everyday, but it was definitely the big bow I always wanted. The designs on my nails are the heaviest I've ever had them, and I dunno how my hands are gonna fit into gloves for tomorrow from that bow. Dx