Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentines & Birthday!

Hi everyone! Loads of things have happened in the past couple of days. Well starting off... Today is my birthday! :D Well almost the end of it, which is why I'm making a blog post before the day is over and I pass out from exhaustion. I hope everyone had a good Valentines and enjoyed time with their loved ones. I slept over at my bf's house last night and at the stroke of midnight, I got happy wishes and my awesome present. Then in the morning he woke me up with breakfast and flowers in his hands ^/////^ I am such a blessed little girl lol.

In return I made him hand-made Valentines' gifts :) I don't usually do this (maybe because I hadn't had a bf till last year) but since it is "the thing" to do in Japan, I decided to give it a shot. Made some heart-shaped cookies and chocolate-covered strawberries! I've been having so much sweets nowadays that I'm getting so sick of it =____= damaging the weight...

We went down to the States to do some shopping at an outlet and mall. Of course I had to over shop at Juicy Couture again XD, bought a top from GUESS and bra from Victoria Secret. What I love most about the US, are the buffets LOL! We pretty much don't have any of that in Canada here. If we do, it's either bad or sushi-oriented.

Just ending the eventful day now before going to work in the morning Dx
I've also just confirmed a photo-shoot with a really good photographer 2 weeks from now! I love his style and he mostly does boudoir or sexy, fashion, glamor shots. Which is the style I like (ie. Maxim, Playboy etc.) I won't be starting out boudoir yet cuz I'm a newbie but I will be doing a age-jo fashion shoot! Most likely rock-kei, age-jo.

Thanks for reading just the small update! I'll be posting again soon! :D Goodnight~