Monday, February 20, 2012

d.i.a Age-jo Girl


A short style post of the coordination I put together few days ago to update on my lens review. Sorry for the terrible hair Dx usually I can do better but I totally rushed it and the back is barely curled lol it wasn't like I was really going out anywhere other than quick stops before going to the bf's house. 

Practiced posing and whatnot for the shoot. I'm still debating on whether this should be the main outfit I'll be wearing for that or not.


Lots of lingerie, cleavage shots XDDD apologies for that but it will be what one of my focuses is on.

I thought I looked like I could be an evil character off a drama or anime in this above pic 8D This is the first time I layered lashes. Since everyone else did it to make it look more voluminous, I tried it out myself. For my top lashes I used Dolly Wink and Luminous Lashes. For the bottom ones I used the same Luminous upper lashes, but cut only the end fluffier part and just flipped it upside down to make bottom ones! It worked out nicely! Unlike the other lashes I tried doing that and it was just ridiculous cuz of how long or tacky it seemed lol. Totally looked obvious I used upper lashes.

That's all! Very short. Hope everyone liked another style update after going AWOL for long time. I'll be writing the review of the blue lens I'm wearing here next!