Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shops from Liz Lisa, Luminous and HoneyColor

Hello followers! Just a small update on what I've been up to and bought lately. I'll be doing a lot of reviews for the make-up purchases I made and FINALLY do a style post. I feel like I haven't done one in a long time. T_T But work is consuming my life and the most expensive month of my life is now here. (February is my b-day and my boyfriend's). My puppy Kenji is also a handful Dx

But I got some time to relax a bit when I went to a friend's party last Friday. My style is shown in these two pics :)

All my packages arrived this week with my Liz Lisa purchases! For myself and not customers this time lol

Also got Luminous lashes and I used them for the past week because they're simply amazing! Still gotta try out the Cecil McBee ones. I got new contact lenses too from HoneyColor again and it's the Mimi Cafe series. I didn't find any reviews on this one (probably missed it), so I will do one myself.

So much shopping... I bought hockey tickets for my bf's birthday which is a lot. And I'm also going to Jin Akanshi's concert when he comes to Vancouver with Katrina. I managed to get the meet and greet bundle so we get VIP passes to see him backstage along with a bunch of gifts... Which I will be selling LOL! I'm not SUPER big fan of KAT-TUN/JIN but I do like some of their music and think Jin was the most attractive. I'd go crazier over Arashi XD It's just a nice chance to go to a JE concert I guess? ;3

Gotta pay off all my bills so I have enough credit to book the limo and club for my birthday... *sigh* so much planning, it's stressful. On top of that me and my bf got into a huge fight and we've been recovering. GAH! On the flip side, I went with my mom to get a quote for Vegas again! :D This time I will be going with family for Spring Break. I asked for the same hotel LOL! I know I should try different ones every time I'm there cuz there's so many! But I just love The Venetian... And the other hotels don't have nice rooms other than for "couples". And since I'm staying in a 2 bed-room, none of them were nice. Just Venetian as always. Why not? At least I have previous experience and it's easier for me to get around right?

I still haven't figured what I want to get myself for my birthday... So I've been just debating on what I should spend money on as a pamper gift haha. I wonder, should I dye my hair blond again, get nails done or get my navel pierced?? :D