Sunday, January 15, 2012

Liz Lisa, Tralala, Cecil McBee, DreamV Shops & Purikura

An update from my day out today in Richmond and recent purchases. I felt like I haven't been in Richmond forever (since around November), even downtown Vancouver. I haven't walked those streets since I graduated college... Been stuck in this boring town forever lol. Finally decided to splurg a little~~

These are just some solo purikura's I took. I really need to learn to actually have full out make-up done before I hit those booths. =_= My mom always rushes me so I never have enough time other than to put on mascara and eyeliner. Which doesn't show up well on the photos (needs fake lashes, heavy eyeliner and lenses). Turned out horrifying lol so I had to edit my own shots with applying fake lashes so my eyes look more decent and not bare Dx My hair was also curled extremely quickly  -.-*

I went to Cube Inc. and bought this DreamV sweater on sale for $35 CAD! Not bad... I would've paid more if I got it from the site with all the shipping/fees. I couldn't find a stock pic but it's similar to the one below~

I bought the Cecil Mcbee lashes too at $32 CAD. These were the ones that I was going to sell in my online shop and would've cost about $35 CAD to get anyways so it's not too bad... Expensive but I'd rather pay $30 for Cecil Mcbee or Liz Lisa lashes as opposed to Dolly Wink or Diamond ones since those are easier to get without shopping service.

This popular Liz Lisa floral dress was bought for one of my customer's. It's the authentic one and is quite pretty! The color she ordered is actually pink so I didn't like it in person, but in these photos it looks like the white version. Kinda wanna re-sell my imitation one and trade it for this XD Only reason why I like my version cuz it has more ribbons and double layered on the bottom like Lena's runway dress.

Instead I bought this Tralala coat! I originally ordered the pink one for another customer and it looked really nice in person so I had to get the beige one for myself lol. Absolutely love it <3 Perfect for that Golds Infinity Paris look I was aiming for cuz my Liz Lisa coat was too thick. I wore it up top in my purikura pics. :)

Sushi buffet today~! I got so full again I think I might get sick of sushi X_x It's all thanks to my mother who ordered so many stuff and tried shoving it down me and my brother's throat.

That's all for now fellow readers! For those who want to order from my shop, please refer here:

For the next post, I will do a review on an interactive purikura app called: Snapeee!