Thursday, January 5, 2012

Alive Again After the Holidays...

Hello readers! I'm sorry I've gone AWOL again for the past 2 weeks. Christmas and New Years have been HECTIC (but so much fun)! I've just been working non-stop for the past few days and finally got a break today to catch up on things. Especially when my internet wasn't working and I had over 200 emails to go through Dx Surviving off of my ipod's wifi in Starbucks sucked lol.

Here's a little update on what I did for the holidays! For the next post, I will be doing a lens review for a new sponsorship. :)

As you can see from the first image... This was the madness that I had to shoot for the New Years party Dx ABC = Absinthe, Bacardi 151 and Chartreuse, all equaling to 200% alcohol... Yup lol. I'm usually really good at drinking (I get pitifully tipsy/drunk EASILY BUT I can hold it well. Meaning I've never puked, blacked out or gone to the point of forgetting everything or doing something stupid. I've never lost myself no matter how much I drank haha. It's interesting to find out what my limit is... Even the day after I remember everything. Which isn't always a good thing =_=) But man that shot burned. I usually have vodka, rum or tequila but this thing was nasty... but good XD I only had 3 of those and I had the worst stomach ache after for an hour. Kinda ruined the party for me since I had to lay down and everyone got worried. :( This never happened to me before so I got angry lol I thought it was because I was super full from eating sushi buffet before, but they said it's a good thing my stomach was full instead of empty. It's probably because I drank them too fast.

I had to work the day after this madness! But it was a fun night. We did the countdown, danced and played Taboo, along with a drunk Guitar Hero x) The line-ups to clubs were unbelievably long so definitely not going there.

This is what I got for Xmas! James got me a necklace, another Sanrio character stuffed toy (Cinnamoroll) and the huge couch dog bed for Kenji hahaha, it's not even for me! The rest are from his family to me. All I got from my family was just money. My parents still owe me something ;P

And that's all! Thanks for reading guys! I'll go get that review up as soon as I can!

Btw my online store now has the new Dolly Wink items to order! :) I really like the new lashes and think I'm gonna get some of my own~