Thursday, December 1, 2011

Purikura Apps For Itouch/Phones Review~

After many requests, here is the post with the two purikura apps I discovered on my itouch 4! Many other users probably already tried this but for those who haven't, I made a quick little rundown here.

They're called "DECOPIC" and "PriPri Marron" (DECOPIC is free, PRIPRI was for a limited time and is now paid) ^as shown in the above image

First up is "DECOPIC"! I really like this app because of the roller stamp controls. I think the only thing that really bugs me about it is that the image size is a square as shown above. So you have to crop your pic instead of having it the full length.

There's many types of nice filters you can use! You have to decorate images and upload them to be able to unlock the other filters so it kinda acts as a game. Overall I really like the roller and stamps from this app. They classified them between six categories.

The other app is "PriPri Marron" ^the pink bear mascot. This one allows you to edit the full pic without cropping but you can crop if you want. The stamps and roller isn't as good as "DECOPIC" in my opinion, but still overall very cute ^-^

For either, you can change how big or small you want the stamps to be or rotating it around. I prefer "DECOPIC" for the text writing since they actually glow. For this app it's either plain or with a really faded border so text doesn't show up well. It has better image frames though! Text is hard to write in general with just your finger! XD Considering stylist pens don't work on the screen it's hard to see what you're writing.

That's all for this post! Hope you enjoy downloading them and making your own purikura creations. =)