Monday, December 12, 2011

Las Vegas Summer Trip ~ Part 1

Ok so here's the extremely late post I was supposed to write about my Vegas trip back in August Dx Now that I'm... procrastinating on cleaning my room and have time lol. This is more of an image post than anything. Just short summaries of my stay :) Please be aware it might be image heavy!

The bf sleeping on the plane ride there~ (random lady's butt the background =_=)

At first before we went, James only wanted to stay a "normal" hotel there because of financial issues... I thought he was crazy LOL! When you're in Vegas you wanna stay at one of the amazing 5 diamond hotels that they're famous for! Because hey, the prices are extremely good/reasonable for what you get. It's probably a little cheaper or more than an average Best Western Inn and it's pure luxury.

I'm so happy I chose the hotel because I went with The Venetian ;) Everyone commonly goes to Caesars Palace but I didn't think the rooms or interior design matched up as well as Venetian. My cousin was so jealous and called me a bitch because she's been to Vegas numerous times but has never gone to this hotel and she wanted to so badly XDDD I guess cause it's more "honeymoon/couple-y??" hahaha I mean the standard room for The Venetian was a SUITE! Other hotels I checked and they all have that basic cheap room if you don't wanna spend too much but the default room for this is just... wow. And it's for about $150 a night??

I took so many snapshots of our Luxury Suite (once I come back, I'm totally going to upgrade our room, no matter the cost LOL) I just loooooove hotels and fancy washrooms. XDDD I don't care most of the time if the room is crap, as long as the washroom looks nice lololol!

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It came with like... 3 flat screen tv's... As if we need all that! :P

The washroom was amazing... 2 sinks, glass shower and bathtub, private toilet and my own vanity table! The privacy part is... not so private lol. That door to the toilet doesn't completely "close shut" let alone has a lock. Same with the 2 glass doors that open to the washroom in general. No locks, just closes or swings open like an old European palace door's... Very "couple-y" indeed =_=;; not recommended if you're staying with guys or friends who just burst through doors! HAHA!

Me and James didn't go on the Gondola rides because he was too embarrassed XDD It amused me that the men actually sang! I already went on a real gondola ride back when I went to Venice in 2007 and he said he could sing... If he had too. 8D I love how they set the hotel up like Venice. It was pretty accurate, even the Rialto bridge. But everything was obviously fake. (Instead of concrete ground it was all plastic).

This is the outside of a tourist shop that sold masquerade masks which Venice is known for. I couldn't take pictures inside because it wasn't allowed. I ended up purchasing a half mask for about $35 :) The full ones were pretty expensive (nothing under $80). I should've bought them when I was in Venice cuz it's cheaper there Dx I just didn't know the price difference and it was too fragile to shove in a suitcase.

The beautiful outside view at night...

Horrible pic of me in the washroom X_x Why did I get that haircut right before a trip...? =_=;; I'm surprised I got so many compliments over there on the dress I'm wearing here (along with all my other Liz Lisa, d.i.a attire!

Vegas means alcohol!! Haha I loved their huge cups where they just fill it up with slushy-type alcohol and we can just walk around like that drinking. This cup was surprisingly only the second biggest... They had even bigger ones that touched the ground!

This is the inside of the Cosmopolitan hotel. Very nice for a group of girls to go to~

This was the Paris hotel, I really liked the inside too! But out of the European resorts, this one sadly wasn't "the best" after looking around. It definitely made me feel like I was back in Paris though~

This Jack Sparrow impersonator was amazing! He even looked like Johnny Depp! And he had a bunch of boa snakes laid out for us to take pics. I couldn't stop touching them lol *loves snakes*

Right before we turned in for the night we managed to catch the volcano show in front of the Mirage hotel.

Tune in for the last part 2! :)