Friday, December 2, 2011

Autumn British Doll Photoshoot~

This was a photo shoot done with my boyfriend as the photographer about 3 weeks ago (since my hair is not blonde anymore ToT). I guess in a way I kinda inspired him to seriously take up photography? If not just for a hobby. He wanted to also help me take good modeling pictures for my portfolio once he gets better and do that whole "camera-man dating the model thing" XD LOL! As long as I get to do the styling and he can take care of the rest. I kept poking fun of him and his "noobie" camera skills because they were pretty bad ;P Out of the hundreds of images he took, I found only a couple I really liked which includes the ones above! Overall he just needed work on the angles because so many of them made me look extremely fat... =_=;;

I coordinated this with the big retro/European style boom that has been going on in Japanese fashions lately. This is the British-styled instead of the French, which I will do again later on with proper photos! x3

Hype my look? =D <333 That's all fellow readers~