Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mini Sakuranbomb Meet & New Nails!

Today I went down to Richmond to meet up with Shawna and Katrina. We were supposed to spend awhile with each other but Kat ended up being late and our lunch took a long time so I rushed for my nail appointment >_<;;; Really wanted to take more purikura photos and shop too... Next time when I have nothing planned or if we have more hours! We went to lunch at a Japanese restaurant called "Guu"; it was my very first time going there!

Took images of Shawna and Kat and purikura-ed them with my new found apps XD

After that we went for purikura quickly before my appointment~

I originally planned to wear this outfit, but unfortunately it was pissing rain and cold. People would've stared me down like I was crazy lol. It was also morning and here I am all in black looking ready for the club. So I had to wear tights and my Liz Lisa sweater over.

After bidding goodbye to the girls, I headed over to Glam Nails! My first time going to an actual Japanese salon. I felt so at home there, the manager (who also went to the same college as me, but for nails) was just so funny and sweet. She kept saying I was "chouuu kawaii" and "kirei" ^////^ Even after I walked 3 blocks to get to their salon in hurricane wind and rain. -____- I got a really pretty girl named Misa to design my nails. She's about my age and came from Osaka, so she specializes in doing trendy/blingy styles. The both of us are interested in ageha and gyaru fashion so we talked about that too. It was surprising how much Japanese I understood when all the staff were chatting amongst themselves =O I would start convo with Misa with stories they were telling too and she was surprised I knew what they were talking about lol.

This is the end result! She did the nails so nicely and in a quick amount of time too, I was impressed. My first time ever getting pointy/rounded type tips instead of square cut so it felt kinda different. It came out to be $130 without tax or tip. I ended up paying $166 altogether (there's only a discount if you pay by cash), but I don't think that's too bad! You can tell the difference that it's more refined than 3D designs done by Chinese or Vietnamese artists! I might try Kaen next time, it'll be a male artist over that location, so I think I'll favor Glam the most. XD It's more homey.

Next post I will review on the purikura apps I discovered in my itouch! It should be available for iphones too~ ^_^