Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mini Sakuranbomb Meet & New Nails!

Today I went down to Richmond to meet up with Shawna and Katrina. We were supposed to spend awhile with each other but Kat ended up being late and our lunch took a long time so I rushed for my nail appointment >_<;;; Really wanted to take more purikura photos and shop too... Next time when I have nothing planned or if we have more hours! We went to lunch at a Japanese restaurant called "Guu"; it was my very first time going there!

Took images of Shawna and Kat and purikura-ed them with my new found apps XD

After that we went for purikura quickly before my appointment~

I originally planned to wear this outfit, but unfortunately it was pissing rain and cold. People would've stared me down like I was crazy lol. It was also morning and here I am all in black looking ready for the club. So I had to wear tights and my Liz Lisa sweater over.

After bidding goodbye to the girls, I headed over to Glam Nails! My first time going to an actual Japanese salon. I felt so at home there, the manager (who also went to the same college as me, but for nails) was just so funny and sweet. She kept saying I was "chouuu kawaii" and "kirei" ^////^ Even after I walked 3 blocks to get to their salon in hurricane wind and rain. -____- I got a really pretty girl named Misa to design my nails. She's about my age and came from Osaka, so she specializes in doing trendy/blingy styles. The both of us are interested in ageha and gyaru fashion so we talked about that too. It was surprising how much Japanese I understood when all the staff were chatting amongst themselves =O I would start convo with Misa with stories they were telling too and she was surprised I knew what they were talking about lol.

This is the end result! She did the nails so nicely and in a quick amount of time too, I was impressed. My first time ever getting pointy/rounded type tips instead of square cut so it felt kinda different. It came out to be $130 without tax or tip. I ended up paying $166 altogether (there's only a discount if you pay by cash), but I don't think that's too bad! You can tell the difference that it's more refined than 3D designs done by Chinese or Vietnamese artists! I might try Kaen next time, it'll be a male artist over that location, so I think I'll favor Glam the most. XD It's more homey.

Next post I will review on the purikura apps I discovered in my itouch! It should be available for iphones too~ ^_^

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

1st Blog Anniversary Giveaway~!

As promised, here is finally the delayed giveaway that I was supposed to post for my blog anniversary back in August but was overly busy with school/life. Anyone can enter! Just follow the simple rules below to be considered! ^_^

Package Includes:
1x Dolly Wink Pencil Sharpener
1x Daiso #6 Eyelash
1x Dolly Wink Eyelash #2 Sweet Girly
1x Majolica Majorca Jeweling Pencil Eyeliner (BK901) Black
1x Majolica Majorca Nail Polish (VI311) Lavender

+ Anyone (even internationals) can join and not just blogspot members. However they have to somehow advertise the giveaway online
+ MUST be a follower of this blog
+ Link back to this entry and leave the page where you posted it with your comment below
+ Comment with your name, email address, your blog/site/other url and the link of where you advertised my giveaway!
+ Deadline is December 10, 2011 at 11:59pm Pacific Time. Drawing will be held the following day after

I will draw a number randomly to pick the winner. Good luck!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Purikura, Castle Fairmont, Halloween Weekend~

Fellow readers, I am glad to say I'm officially done with school! =D Omg when I think about it, a whole year went by really fast. I graduated but won't be getting a diploma because I had incomplete courses. Wasn't really interested anymore in this industry... Well actually I'm still interested in some areas and love fashion but, over here in the western community, not so much. I didn't want to drop out of school when I'm halfway done, that would be a waste of money and my parents would freak, so I decided to just stick with it till the end for the education. I learned a lot that's for sure, but only things I WANT to learn. Other classes I thought were pointless and barely showed up. =_=;;

Now that I'm done, I'm back to working full-time! So more money, free time and less stress lol. I'll be able  to update my blog more often and manage my online store normally!

I went to Richmond on Sunday and took some more solo purikuras at the new machine in Parker Place. I'm wearing my coordinated outfit from the previous blog posts (I had the same outfit last week for my 10th month date on Friday). My bf felt embarrassed to walk next to me cuz I apparently I looked like a upper class French/British-styled woman and he was the baggage boy in his clothes LOL XD He'd tail behind me and hold the bags and umbrella when we went to the Fairmont Vancouver for our overnight stay. It was the castle one so I had to dress classy! He looked really nice after he put on dressier clothes for the night out but still thought I was more "out there" 8D

This was our bedroom. We got the King Suite~ ^-^ I felt like I should've picked the Gold Room but it wasn't as big as this room which was about 700sq ft. The bedroom was separate from the living room by 2 French glass doors on either side. My friend Matt, who works at there hooked us up and can give friends/family discounts at any Fairmont hotel which was a lot! I was super happy lol He said, I quote "ps. what a fucking good bf, I'm so jealous!!" LOL (yes he is gay and awesome =P)
I am definitely happy and blessed to have him as my bf <3 We were supposed to go out with my friends to party/club for the Halloween weekend but he didn't feel like drinking and I'm still getting over my flu ;( (which I kinda gave to him haha) It wouldn't do any of us good after. Especially since I had work the next day. We just walked around downtown and saw a lot of cool costumes though =3

That's my life in the past week, I will keep you more updated! =D Thank you!
I'm going to finally update next with my Vegas trip back in August (SO unbelievably late... Dx)